Tuesday, March 11, 2008

About Me

I am Laura. I am an air force wife, stay at home mommy, and a wannabe photographer. I am trying to make my way in to the world of photography! It has always been a passion of mine, but my passion grows as my children get older! I love capturing every moment I can of their lives!

*insert picture of the two of us that has not been taken yet HERE*

My wonderful husband, Adam and I have been married for going on 9 years! We have been together forever it seems! We dated on and off since we were 13! We met at our home church (back in good 'ole NY!) and instantly became best friends! I am so blessed that God has put this wonderful man in my life! Adam has been serving in the Air Force for 8 1/2 years now. We are currently stationed in Alaska and LOVING it!!!! Home is where the Air Force sends us, HOME is where ever we are... TOGETHER! Being a military family is definitely a bumpy road. But, we are in it for the long haul.

Mackenzie is our 8 year old pre-tween who wants to be 18! She is very unique and loves to express herself! She belts out singing, and breaks out dancing whenever she pleases! She is a lover of animals and school, she wants to be a veterinarian in Africa when she grows up, she loves make up, skinny jeans, and boots! She loves to be different from everybody else!  And she LOVES being around family! She loves her extended family even though she doesn't see them often! She has a sweet heart but can be a handful at times! She sure keeps us on our toes! But we love her to pieces!!!

Nicholas is our 6 year old little goof!!! He is a jokester! He loves anything outdoors, playing tricks on people, cars, trucks, TRAINS, and BumbleBee the transformer! He loves playing his version of any sport! He is all about coloring and playing with playdough! He was diagnosed last year with an Autism Spectrum Disorder called PDD-NOS. Thing are a bit challenging for him, but he is working SO hard! He doesn't let things slow him down!

Madison is the last of the bunch! She completes our pack of MNM's! She is a SASSY lil thang!!!  Maddybug is discovering who SHE IS! Her personality is really blooming these days! She can brighten anyone's day with her smile! She loves being noisy!! She has been following in her older sister's footsteps and singing until her heart is content! She loves dress up and flowers, she loves getting dirty but HATES BEING dirty! (yep, you read that right! ) But most of all, she LOVES to make people smile! She has such a wonderful heart! She's my baby!!!! Even at 3 1/2!

God has blessed my life in every way possible! I cannot express the amount of joy my family brings me! My life is surrounded by love and support from all of the people that matter most! I could not have asked God for a better life!

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