Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Big accomplishment today! I have been hunting for a small console table for this area since we got our household goods delivered. I just haven't found the one I wanted... I bought this one because it was cheap and it can do the job for now! I eventually want to find a black or ebony one instead of this lighter espresso color. But, like I said, it gets the job done.

As far as the big accomplishment... Well, I went and bought this earlier today. It is one of those tables that come in a zillion pieces and you have to figure it out by looking at crappy pictures. Well, I am proud to say, that only after ONE major screw up ( literally!!! The screw got stuck in the drill bit and stripped out the hole!!), I put this baby together and FIXED my big oopsie!!!!! AND, the table doesn't even wobble!!! I gave myself a big ole pat on the back! I did it without any help from hubby whatsoever!!!!!

He was pretty proud too! Wonder what I should tackle next!!!!! Lol!
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