Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So, here I sit again. Trying to get this blog started. I used to be very good at blogging! I did it on a daily basis! But, that was 2 children ago. My life has become so much more busy. Consumed by my family and everything that comes along with having a few kids! I am not complaining though! I love my family! And I enjoy doing everything that comes along with being a parent. Even if I do complain at times ;)

I started this blog..... hmmm.... 2 years ago maybe? Though you couldn't tell due to the lack of posts! I started it to use along with my photography website. But, I didn't jump in to photography as fast as I wanted to. I thought I could get the ball rolling with it a bit faster, but it didn't work out that way! There is always so much to do and so little time to do it in. But, I will someday take on that adventure. For now, I will continue on with life as I have been, taking care of my family and doing portrait sessions whenever the opportunity comes up! I am not doing much advertising at all really, so I am not very busy with it at all right now. Which I don't mind at the moment. When my kids are older I will take my passion a bit further and really get a business going!

So, since this blog wasn't being used for it's intended purpose, blogging about my photography. I am going to use it to blog about my life! And of course my life includes my photography, so there will be bits and pieces of that in there too!!! So, I am making the jump. From Xanga to Blogspot. And I am hoping that this change will help make me a better blogger. Maybe Xanga was just getting too old for me??? Maybe I just needed something new to spark up some more desire to blog??? Maybe not. I guess I'll find out!

So, here I am!!!!



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