Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So, I relaize it has been a week now.

Things have just been a bit hectic. Still?? LOL!!! School has started though, so life should calm down a bit here soon. Hopefully!

First thing is first. Mackenzie is in KINDERGARTEN!!! Yes, I know. She has been in Kindergarten for a week now. I just haven't had a chance to post about the day. She woke up READY for the day!!! It took her all of 20 minutes to eat her breakfast and get dressed! I think it took me longer to do her hair! She was stoked! So excited to go and get on the bus. I really wanted to drive her in. But she insisted on taking the bus. So, unfortunately, I don't have any of the sute pictures of her in her classroom or with her teacher :( I am sure I will get some opportunities to take some of those pictures through out the year. But, it isn't the same as THE FIRST DAY!

She was ready to go 20 minutes before the bus was "supposed" to come. Which is a good thing since the bus came 20 minutes earlier than it did last year! I heard kids playing outside. So I decided to take a peek and we saw all her friends out at the bus stop. So, we went out early. Or so we thought! As soon as we got to the end of the side walk, the bus turned down our street. Luckily there are a few stops on our street before ours. So, I had enough time to snap a few pictures before she left!

She had a blast her first day! She came home just as excited as she was when she left! I was very glad! I am sure it helped that she is in the same school as she was in last year for pre-k. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I shed a few tears. But I think it was harder last year than it was this year. She went on the bus last year too. So, it was basically the same routine, just a year later. I thought I would take it a lot harder.

She has been enjoying school for the past week. She has already come home reading a few words, getting marriage proposals, homework. You know, the typical Kindergarten stuff ;) Apparently, this boy James in her class wants to "Marry her forever". I told her he needed to meet Daddy first :D She didn't like that so much!

So, besides the excitement of Mackenzie starting Kindergarten, Madison has been sick. She has been miserable the past few days. Fighting naps and even fighting going to bed at night. She has been fussy about eating as well. Her nose has been so stuffy and runny all at the same time, and her fever has gotten as high as 102.6. So, I took her in to the Dr today. Just to make sure it was nothing more than a head cold. The Dr told me she wanted to rule out Swine Flu! Those words coming out of her mouth definitely made me nervous! But, she said she is almost positive that isn't it. So, she did some labs and we are waiting on the results.

There has also been some nonsense going on with Adam and work. But nothing we can really do anything about. Just grin and bear it I guess. It's been taking a toll on us. But, we'll get through it. It just makes us pray even harder for orders out of this place. He is being denied his leave, amongst other things. He has been trying to get leave for a while now. He hasn't taken any in a year and a half. So, he is really burning out here. He wanted to have off for my birthday this week. But they flat out denied him :( The thing that stinks about them denying him, is that he will eventually lose all this time he has built up. They aren't supposed to be able to deny "Use or Lose" leave. But, they have been. So, he didn't have off for my birthday yesterday :( We celebrated this past weekend though. We went out to the Olive Garden for dinner on Saturday. And the kids were FANTABULOUS!!! They did incredible!! Even Madison! She didn't cry once!

Speaking of Madison, she is fussing upstairs. Time to go rock her and try to get her to go back to sleep. I have a feeling it is going to be yet another long night :(

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