Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a fun Sunday!

We had a really nice day yesterday! It was GORGEOUS outside!!! I think it almost hit 70*! So, we decided to spend a bit of the day outside!!! We decided to go for a walk/bike ride/scooter ride/stroller ride with the kids! We went a mile and a half!!!! We went to the store to rent Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. After we got back from the store, we hung outside to play on the trampoline for a while!

_MG_7719 copy

Mackenzie got herself dressed. She has some style, wouldn't you say?

_MG_7714 copy

She has been itching to wear these socks for some time. They are still quite big {and by big I mean HUGE!} on her. But, she insisted on wearing them!

_MG_7720 copy

She got some money for losing her tooth and having the other 3 pulled. So, she came out shopping with me the other day. She bought herself a set of rings and bracelets, and she is sooooo proud! She looked at me after buying them and said "Mommy! I have never paid with my own money or gotten my own receipt before!!" She still has the receipt in her purse!

_MG_7722 copy _MG_7721 copy

Maddybug has been awfully clingy the past few weeks. I think she is teething. I am more than ready for these teeth to pop through so I can have my happy little girl back. But, she did enjoy herself outside!

_MG_7707 _MG_7728

The kids always have more fun when daddy jumps with them!!! I think they just like flying higher!!!

_MG_7725 copy

Maddy was having lots of fun doing her own thing.

_MG_7729 copy

Until she realized everyone else was on the trampoline.

_MG_7730 copy

She just wanted to get on and play too!!! And she did! Daddy took her on and she was LAUGHING hysterically!!! This child is brave! And I am seriously going to have to watch her like a hawk. I have a feeling we are in a lot of trouble with this one!!!!

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Mandi said...

Ok I LOVE her outfit, I think it's adorable :D

Christopher And Tia said...

But the socks are so cuuuute!!! Where did you get them?! Are they socks, or are they tights?

Also, all of your pictures are really great :) I love coming to your blog and seeing all of the bright heartwarming snap shots.


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