Monday, January 18, 2010

So, I am in a blogging mood. But I really have nothing to blog about. Today was a rather crazy day. Not really in terms of having so much to do that I was overwhelmed. But more like in terms of "WOW! I forgot it was Monday and we missed speech!!!" I feel absolutely TERRIBLE for Nicholas' speech pathologist. She waited for us, and finally called to see where we were. I didn't get to the phone in time. But I called back and apologized. I quickly got Nicholas ready and we DID make it to his OT in time.

I had a *brain fart* or something, because after OT at Little Works I thought the pathologist from the school board was coming over like every other monday. But, DUH! It's a holiday! Schools are closed!!!So, we waited around for a bit until I had realized this! Silly me! Oh well! So, we spent the afternoon hanging out, then off to the BX to get a new diaper bag and let the kids play in the play area. Then to Best Buy to get the New Mario Bros game, and then home.

Adam of course played his new game and entertained Maddybug while I made dinner. Taco Soup! Yum!!!

So, basically, all of this to say... it really wasn't a productive day at all but I felt like writing :)

I am going to open up PS now and make a new siggy to go with my new layout :D

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Mandi said...

I absolutely ADORE your new layout - all of my favorite colors and color combinations! It's so adorable!

Jess said...

Sounds like my kind of day honestly. I had a bad night at work a couple nights ago. Felt like every chart I grabbed was the wrong one... every person I tried to talk to I had to think about their name (and most of them had been there awhile). UGH!


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