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I knew it wasn't going to happen! I KNEW I wouldn't get the chance to sit back down and blog for a few days! Should have called that one!

We have just been settling back in to the normalcy of our lives here. Coming back from vacation is always a challenge! Trying to get life situated... and unpacked! Lol! I think the last of the suitcases is unpacked. Though, they are sitting on the floor by the attic door just waiting to be put back in their resting place. Until next time that is. Oh, no. Wait a second. Oh yes, that's right. There is a reason they are sitting there. The last piece of luggage HAS NOT been unpacked yet. I left them all sitting there so that I can stuff the small carry on inside the smallest suitcase, which is sitting inside the middle sized suitcase, which is sitting inside the largest suitcasd (have to save space somehow, right? (; ). In fact, I am staring at that small carry on piece now. And yes, it is indeed still full! But, oh well! I have put blogging off long enough!

I will make this post about Tennessee!

After getting the kids tucked in to bed ( at 1 or 2 am. Still cannot remember! ) Adam and I crashed. And we crashed hard! In fact, we slept in late the next morning. Which was nice. But, we were woken up by two little voices. "Nicholas! Look at all of that snow! I can't wait to play in it!!!" And of course Nicholas agreed wholeheartedly!!!

Maddybug was still passed out from the long trip. So, we just let her be. We got the older two downstairs and fed them breakfast and got right to it! Of course they breezed by their Aunt Mel and said their Hello's and Good Mornings. Adam's brother had to work that day. So, he was gone before we had woken up.

So, out we went with the kiddo's!

They had so much fun playing in the snow! Mackenzie even tried to eat it!! LOL!

This was a big change for Nicholas. He was born in the South. He has only ever seen snow (worth looking at anyway!) one other time in his life. And the poor boy cried his eye's out. He was 2 at that time and he was scared to death of the freezing cold wet stuff!!! But this time, he LOVED it!!! (good thing, his daddy was quite sad that he was so scared of snow. After all, Adam LOVES the snow and anything relating to winter!)

_MG_7126 copy
Mackenzie is a girl after her daddy's heart. She has loved the snow!!! (We actually brought her home from the hospital at 3 days old in a big snow storm.) She has been begging for a while Christmas for the past 5 years!

The kids started a snowball fight with daddy. I don't think they knew what they had gotten themselves in to. Daddy was having WAY too much fun!

_MG_7129 copy
Nicholas was enjoying the snow more than I had imagined he would!

_MG_7136 copy
Adam's brother and his wife live on this huge farm in between two mountains! It is quite breath taking! I love taking pictures there! In the barn they have 5 horses,
2 donkey's, 2 goats, and a few other animals that I am sure I forgot about. (and that is just outside the house! They have a ton of reptiles inside the house.)

_MG_7140 copy_MG_7175 copy
She was totally loving the snow. But I think she was getting cold after a little while!

_MG_7180_MG_7181 copy
We did make sure to build a snowman though!!!

Sleeping beauty finally woke up and enjoyed herself a breakfast bar! She was preparing to go outside too!!!

We got her dressed and tried to get her ready to go outside. But she found Aunt Mel's chair that was Maddybug sized!!!!

We eventually made it outside, but Maddy was not a fan of the cold air nipping her nose. she kept burying her face in to my chest. Good thing I decided to wear her in the MT.

So, we had a blast in TN with Adam's brother and his family! We went out to eat and had a good time. Maddybug enjoyed meeting her Uncle Eric for the first time!

Oh, and I mentioned before that there were a bunch of reptiles in the house. They have several lizards and one...... huge...... snake.

That snake just happened to be sleeping in the room next to the one we were sleeping in. *GULP* Luckily it was locked in a rather large cage. When my sister in law Mel asked us if we wanted to hold it, we said sure!!! Now, I have had a snake wrapped around me before. MANY years ago at a school field trip. It was like.... the 5th grade I think. I do NOT remember being that scared back then! Wow! This snake creeped me out the tighter it got!!! LOL!!! After all, it is a Boa Constrictor!

So, we stayed for 2 nights and then continued on to New York. But, we had all intentions on coming back to Tennessee on our way back home!

Next post... HOME SWEET HOME! (home in NY that is!)

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Jewllori by Lori said...

Wow, your pictures are so much fun!! Looks like the kids enjoyed all that snow:) The one of Maddy is super super cute, her eyes are gorgeous!


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