Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We got up to New York on the evening of the 22nd. We were pooped and just chilled out for a little bit before bed. It was a 10 hour drive, but it was eventful. Mackenzie got sick when we were just about halfway through Virginia, then Nicholas got sick 100 miles later. The rest of our trip did NOT smell pleasant. We still are not sure if it was car sickness or just something not agreeing with their tummy's. Who knows. But, it made for an interesting ride. So, by the time we got to my Mother In Law's, we were DONE!

The morning of the 23rd and 24th we ran around a bit to get some last minute Christmas shopping done. We didn't want to do all of the shopping before we headed up because we were already lacking room in the van with our luggage and Maddybug's birthday presents. We saw some family and enjoyed the cold weather!

On Christmas Eve we finished wrapping up all the gifts and set everything out by the tree. My Mother in Law went a little overboard!!! LOL!!! These gifts are from everyone though. Not just her! There are gifts in there from us to everyone as well as gifts my 2 brother in laws and sister in law had brought/sent up. So, the tree was loaded. And it looked so purrrrdy in the bay window all lit up!

Christmas day we all got up and had breakfast. Adam's mom always makes a sour cream coffee cake for breakfast. The kids love it! Even Maddy ate quite a bit of it!! And of course, after breakfast, we opened presents! The kids were so spoiled! They got tons of stuff!!! Adam and I were already wondering how in the world we were going to get all of the gifts home! And that was just his mom's house! We still had several other places to go and exchange gifts.

Maddybug opening up her Soothe & Glow Seahorse! She loves it!!! It "sleeps" in her crib with her every night. And when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she pushes the button and eventually falls back to sleep to the music.

The older two got these jumping ball thingy's. They LOVE them. It is one of the things they have been playing with most since we have been home!

Opening her apron, rolling pin, and cookie cutters she got from Nana!

The boy LOVES Thomas the train! He got a really cute fake shaving set and a paint set!

My three kiddo's in a wrapping paper mess :D

Christmas was fantastic! It was a really busy day. After opening gifts at my Mother in Law's, we went down to my Grandmother's(mom's mom) house an hour away. We met my parents there and my Aunt and Uncle as well as all of my cousins and my Grandma were there! The kids, again, were spoiled! We had a great time and a great dinner there! Then a while later, we packed everything up and went over to my Grandfather's(dad's dad) house. My Grandfather, Aunt's, Uncle's, and cousins were all there! The kids, yet again.... spoiled! We had dessert there! Yum!!!

We had a great day with family!!! It was so nice to spend the holidays with our family!!! We haven't been home for Christmas in 5 years!!!!! I missed the craziness and running around!!! But, it was sure nice to get back to my Mother in Law's and put the kids to bed and then crash ourselves!!!! It was a great Christmas!

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