Friday, January 29, 2010

Where did my happy girl go?!

It's been a bit rough around here the past few weeks. Madison has been having an absolute terrible time sleeping at night. Actually, it has been longer than a few weeks. More like a few months. It started out with her waking up once maybe twice a night. And it has gotten progressively worse. Now, she wakes up 5+ times a night. There is no reason for it either. She just doesn't want to sleep I guess. She is fully awake and aware of her surroundings, so it is not night terrors. I thought maybe teething at first, but we are going on 3 months of this now. I am thinking teething isn't the main problem anymore. Though, it certainly could be a part. She has only 6 teeth, so more are obviously to come. But there is nothing I can see or feel on her gums.

Since she doesn't get much sleep at night and she refuses to take a nap during the day, she is usually pretty grumpy throughout the day. So, life is a little miserable. Not only is she grumpy but momma is grumpy and tired too. So, I haven't been getting too much done. She's been pretty clingy.

I just miss my happy little girl. I miss her smiles and giggles. I miss her just being Maddybug. I really wish I knew what was going on with her. I want to fix this. But I can't. And I feel so helpless. I even brought it up to the Dr at her 12 month well baby apt last week. The Dr told me it was just a phase. And she will grow out of it.

Aside from the grumpiness, she is a perfectly healthy little girl!! She is 21 pounds now!!! She has done a complete turn around since all of her belly issues when she was an itty bitty babe! So, the Dr is still impressed with her progress!

Hopefully, she outgrows this "phase", but if it doesn't soon I am going to bring her back in to the Dr and see what else we can figure out.

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