Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet another milestone...

It's amazing watching our children grow!!! We watch them learn and grow and do so many different things! We go through so many different stages with them! Of course, as they get older, the milestones seem to slow down a bit. So, when you actually hit another one... well, it's pretty exciting!!!!

Yesterday, my oldest lost her very first tooth! I cannot begin to tell you how excited Mackenzie was! When she first realized her tooth was loose, she was beaming! And she made sure to wiggle it every chance she got! But, once the tooth came out yesterday {after eating an apple of course!} she was giddy beyond all giddy-ness [I realize that is not a word... deal with it :p] I was very excited for her!

This all happened in perfect timing! See, Mackenzie has always sucked her thumb {all three of my kids are thumb suckers... not an easy habit to break ya know!}. So, we knew we were going to have some dental issues as she {and the other two} got older. The past few appointments we have been discussing our "game plan" with her dentist[ who by the way is AMAZING!]. Mackenzie's has a VERY small mouth. Her adult teeth were coming in already and they were pushing through behind her baby teeth. But there was no room for them. So, the baby teeth needed to be pulled. We had her apt set up for January 12th, but then I decided to push it off a little bit. Just until taxes came in since I thought it was going to be a bit pricier than it really was! (woo hoo!! it was MUCH less!!). But then Adam and I realized her adult teeth had already pushed through the surface. So, I called back and asked to move the apt back up.


So, her tooth fell out yesterday after school. Her dentist apt was this morning! How nice of her to have her tooth fall out the day before her appointment!! It was one less tooth I had to pay for!!! LOL!!! So, even though it was one less tooth to be pulled, there were still three others. And honestly, I was more nervous than she was! She was actually quite excited { a tad bit nervous though! Just a tad ;)} She was ready to go as soon as she got up at 7am! But we had a little bit. I gave her some Benedryl and started on dinner. Then off we went.

She climbed up in the chair at the dentist office with NO FEAR! She knew what was coming. They explained everything to her! They told her if she felt ANY pain, to lift her finger so we knew {and of course I was holding her hand the whole time, so that little finger wouldn't have gone un-noticed!) So, in went the Novocaine and on went the Elephant mask that was doping her up with Nitrous Oxide! She sat perfectly still the whole time. The dentist went in and pulled those three teeth out in less than 5 minutes!!! And that little finger did not go up ONCE! She was such a big girl! She didn't complain at all! After the procedure was done, the dentist told her how AWESOME she did and he gave her a token to get a prize as well as a balloon! {he is an amazing pediatric dentist!} He explained to her how we need to take care of it and what she can and can't eat for a few hours. And that was it! We were on our way home! She still has not complained about any pain! Her gums are pretty swollen still and it took about 7 hours for the Novocaine to wear off. But she has been perfectly fine all day! Off to school tomorrow!

_MG_7604 copy _MG_7609 copy

She is still a cutie!! Even with a few missing teeth!!! So, another milestone to write in her baby book. Which, sadly, is coming to an end. There isn't much more room left for milestones. Her baby book is almost complete. That makes me so sad. But, she will treasure it when she is older I am sure!

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Jess said...

I'm glad she did so well!! :)

Melanie said...

awwww... hey laura on the baby book, my mom added notebook pages in the back of mine and kept on writing until HS i think haha


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