Sunday, February 21, 2010

My how they grow...

I was just going through my photobucket account and my old Xanga posts yesterday. Taking a stroll down memory lane. I was taken back at how different my kids each look now. It is seriously amazing how much they change and you don't even realize! I guess by being with them every day of their life, it isn't so easy to notice those subtle changes that occur daily. Even just looking back a year there are so many HUGE changes with Nicholas and Mackenzie!! (Yes, even with Maddybug, but that is obvious!! LOL!!!)

So, I thought I would just post a few picture of each kiddo!!! Seeing how they have changed over time :)

Mackenzie :) Momma's little drama queen!! hehe!

Just 1 day old! (didn't get many pictures of her just after she was born because she was so itty bity {4lbs 7oz,} and she had a hard time keeping her temp up)


At just 1.. doesn't seem like that long ago...


At 2 she was quite a character!!!


3 she was getting the hang of the DIVA tude!!! hehe!!

Mack in converse 3.jpg

4 her personality had changed soo soo much!

Nana's gifts to Mackenzie

And goodness she looked so different at 5, but she still had that "baby face".

Pre-K Pictures

and here she is at 6... no baby face left. I don't know if it is because she lost those 4 bottom front teeth, or her hair, or what. But she looks SO different to me now. She looks so grown up. It breaks my heart. But, my heart smiles watching all of the changes she is going through. She is growing up to be quite the young lady :)

IMG_8443 copy

And now on to Nicholas.

My lil man!

Here is my sweet lil guy at just 3 days old in the NICU.


And then at 1! What a difference, eh? (don't mind the watermark!)

Nicholas 2.jpg

At 2 he was certainly looking the Toddler role!!


Being a ham at 3!


And here is my cutie at 4!!!! (yeah, he needs a haircut No, I have no intentions on giving him one until Adam makes me :p)

IMG_8452 copy

And of course, Little Miss Maddy, just minutes old!

Madison Joy has arrived!

Not even a week, but she had changed so much already!!

Happy New Year!

1 month.

1 Month

3 months

3 Months

6 months

Maddybug is 6 months!

9 months


And at 1 year!

_MG_7755 copy

It's amazing to me how much each of them have changed. I wish they could stay little forever. But I do love to see them grow!

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