Friday, March 12, 2010

What a day!

Remember the hat giveaway that I posted about HERE?

Well, guess what!!! I WON!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! I won a hat of my choice from Heart Smiles! Seriously, she has some ADORABLE hats to chose from! I ordered a cute little girl newborn hat! I can't wait to get it! And I REALLY can't wait to start taking some pictures with it!

I've picked up a few more newborn props and such. I am REALLY hoping to start picking up some more newborn sessions soon! So, if you know anyone in my area having a baby, feel free to pass them along to my website! I now have all of my links at the top of the page here! I've been working on changing my layout all day yesterday. I am really trying to utilize all of these social networking sites to get my name out there. Here is to hoping it works!

Yesterday was a really rough day for all of us. Not sure why exactly. I think we all got out on the wrong side of the bed or something! Everything was going well yesterday morning. Woke up at 6am, got Mackenzie up and ready for school. She was actually doing quite well! No dilly dallying, she got right to everything. I was still pretty tired, so I decided to go back to bed for a little bit. The two younger ones slept a lot later than I had anticipated. I should have set an alarm for myself. I was instead awoken to a phone call. I jumped out of my skin! Wasn't expecting to fall back in to a deep sleep. Guess I was still REALLY tired! Once I saw it was the school on the caller ID, I knew what it was about. And it was confirmed when I heard the teacher on the other end saying "Hello Mrs Craig, we're having a rough day...."

I had to talk to Mackenzie on the phone. And even after that, the day was still rough and she was not listening. I don't think all of this is 100% Mackenzie. I kind of think that her and her teacher just clash or but heads. I think her teacher just focuses on all of the negative and not the positive. There is no positive reinforcement in school. So, the only attention to be had is negative. I am not trying to justify Mackenzie being disrespectful to get attention. Not at all. But, I think the child teacher ratio for Kindergarten is a bit insane. There is no way for the teacher to be able to give each student positive attention while dealing with 23 other students. Twenty-four students to 1 teacher. No aid, no help, nothing. I think Kindergarten is still that age group where there needs to be less kids in the class for an easier transition. But hey, that is just my two cents.

While this was going on at school, I was dealing with a grumpy 4 year old and a 1 year old who is cutting 2 bottom molars and very wobbly on her feet. Wow, what a day. Nicholas had to spend some time in his room because he was just way too grumpy. I couldn't please him no matter what. He cried and cried over everything, even raised his voice at me a few times. So, I talked to him about it and told him he needed to stay in his room and calm himself down before he could come back down and play. WOW! That was a nightmare. He was not happy with that. So, I had a screaming 4 year old upstairs and a screaming 1 year old downstairs. Those teeth just don't want to come in. I can see them. Her gums are swollen. But, they are not breaking through just yet. She is was so off balance yesterday she was falling all over the place. She has been doing great with walking these past 2 weeks ( Yes, FULLY walking!!!). When she feels like she needs to fall, she just plops down on her hiney. But yesterday she would fall forwards and hit her head on whatever happened to be in front of her. And that just happened to be a really hard hope chest and entertainment system two of those times. She had a rough day, and by the middle of it she just wanted to be held. I didn't blame her. If I was falling all over I would just want to be held and protected too. But, I had so much to do. I couldn't just hold her the whole time. So, she would scream when I would put her down to go do something. It wasn't fun. I felt terrible.

So, today is a new day. It is going to be a GREAT day! It's FRIDAY!!!! It HAS to be good! I smell the delicious Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee brewing in the kitchen, the house is quiet. The younger two are still sleeping, Adam is off to work, and Mackenzie is on the bus. And here I sit.

It's going to be a great day!
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