Friday, December 17, 2010

Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces!

I love that there are some sites out there for photographers to keep the creative juices going! I love that these sites give us the chance to play around with other photographers pictures to keep our creative juices going. I especially love it when I am feeling like i am in a creative slump! It helps out :)

This image is courtesy of Michelle Johnson. One of the Co-Founders of Love That Shot! { another website I frequent often that has lots of great resources for photographers! }

Fix It Friday

It is a GORGEOUS shot all on it's own! But, it was put out there to be edited! So, I took up the challenge! Now, I probably could have done a lot better. I played around with several different edits. But this is the one I REALLY loved!

Fix It Friday -  my edit

I really like playing around with actions! I have found several actions over the past few years that I have just kind of stuck with! When you find a good thing, go with it, right?! That's not to say I don't experiment on my own or try new things! I do, really!!! I just usually come back to the same actions and find new ways to play around with them!

For this picture, I brought the original image in to CS5. I ran Phaunt Sunshine in Your Hand and lowered the sunshine layer to 50% opacity. Then I merged. I ran Pioneer Woman's boost action and lowered the group opacity down to 50%. Then I ran to my FAVORITE action, Autumn Love's Vintage Love, and I ran that one! The action merges all at the end of it. I noticed the image was a bit on the soft side, so I ran PW's slight sharpen 2x. Then I added a texture. This one is a Ghostbones texture. I believe it is a Shadowhouse Creation :) I changed the blend mode to overlay and left it at 100% { I really like the texture! }. I then rasterized the layer. Then I went back to my background layer and selected the couple and feather the selection (100px), went back to my texture and deleted the couple's selection. I thought the couple looked a little on the cooler side. So I went back to my background layer and added a color balance adjustment layer. I played around with the yellows and reds until I liked what I saw. { +16 Red, -24 yellow }. Then I merged and saved!

Like I said. I probably could have been a little more creative. Tried some adjustments without actions. But, I love actions! { seriously, I have a ton of space on my hard drive taken up just by ACTIONS! }

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Homeschooling Momtographer said...

I like the added warmth and texture. Well done!

Catherine :)

Amy Henderson said...

Beautiful edit! Great texture!

borne . image . photography said...

Love the texture on this ... such a beautiful edit! Nicely done!


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