Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayers ...

Right now, Adam and I are sitting in a waiting room at LSU Medical Center while Nicholas is sedated and undergoing an in depth MRI.

A few months back, Nicholas was seen by a pediatric neurologist. The neurologist is trying to help us find some answers with Nicholas' toe walking and his sensory issues. All of which seem to be getting worse over time. There are a few "ideas" he has as to what the problem{s} could be. But, he needs the MRI in order to confirm. Then we can go from there and see what we need to do.  The neuro needs an in depth scan of Nicholas' brain and spinal column. The scan will be from 2 hours onward. So, Nicholas is sedated for it. I am really freaking out about it all now.

Prayers would be very much appreciated during all of this. Prayers that everything with the anesthesia turns out ok and there are no complications, and prayers that we finally find the answers that we have been hunting for over the past 3 years.

Thanks :)
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