Monday, August 8, 2011

The beginning of busy...

Today was the beginning of our crazy week. It was the least busy day of our week. But it was a rough one. I don't know if there is a full moon or something, but Nicholas was just off the walls and a bit hard to control today. I got a little bit of a break during my dentist apt. Yeah, dentist appointments and grocery shopping are sanity claiming moments for me. You know, having a drill digging into your tooth and playing bumper carts with with retiree spouses on payday really calm a person down! { NOT!!! } and of course after I got back home, Nicholas was still climbing all over everyone and going nuts!!! We had to get out of the house!!!!

So, where did I take them???? To the dentist!!! Lol! Would you believe they were ALL so excited thinking they had a dentist apt??? My kids love going to the dentist!!! ( once the apt starts, the story changes! ) but, this time we just needed to stop and get some paperwork filled out for Adams orders. The kids were a bit bummed when we left. Go figure! So, we headed to Wendy's to grab lunch and that made them happy again!!!

Once we got home though, Nicholas and Maddy were doing everything possible to annoy each other.

Mommy had to distract the girls for a bit, so we did some nail painting. While we were doing that, Nicholas was going on and on about how his wife of the future ( lol, this is what he calls his friend Autumn ) will paint her nails too and she will look beautiful like his sisters!!! It was so cute to hear him going on about this!!! But he is rushing things a bit!!!!

Nicholas insisted I take picture of his feet by themselves. When I showed him the picture, he said "Woah!!!!!!! I've got the huuuuugest feet EVER!!!!" I wasn't about to go on to camera angles and picture distortion with a 5 year old!!! I let him believe he was Bigfoot! ;)

Mackenzie had her open house tonight. She was so excited to meet her teacher. On the way there we got stuck at one of the insaaaaaaaanely long trains. Mackenzie was getting so anxious to get to the school. Poor girl just wanted to see who would be teaching her for the next school year. We finally got to the school ( just a block over on the other side of the train ) about 15 minutes later. Her teacher is a real sweetheart and Mackenzie warmed right up to her! I think they are going to get along well :)

I went almost the whole day with no coffee!!!! Not a clue how I managed it, since I didn't fall asleep until after 3am. I finally had a cup at 7pm and it was wonderful :) I figured it didn't matter if I had it this late. I don't manage to fall asleep at a decent hour anyway :p I need to learn to make the wee hours of the morning a bit more productive....

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♥Jess♥ said...

I'm always up and texting because my work schedule has me all messed up! I used to have all kinds of people to talk to but then school started back up. I'm never productive when I'm at home and I'm wide awake... Just when I'm at work. But hopefully you get back on track soon!!


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