Sunday, August 7, 2011

A laundry folding, book reading, flash dancing kind of day :)

Today was another fairly lazy day...
Ok, well not that lazy! We slept in pretty late, but we did get quite a bit done! I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast after we woke up at TEN AM!!!! It was so nice to sleep in!!!

Of course, the kids gobbled up breakfast!!! As they usually do when it is pancakes or French toast!! Maddy wasn't a big fan of the blueberries though...

But you couldn't tell by her face <3

Nicholas LOVES pancakes!!!! He asks for them just about every morning. I need to get in the habit of making a bunch extra so I can freeze them for the kids when we don't have time to make them.

The kids spent most of the day "reading", while Adam and I got some stuff done. I folded 3 baskets of laundry while he cleaned the kitchen for me ( I HATE doing the dishes!!! Lol and I made a bunch of them while making breakfast! ) We had Pandora streaming on the Roku, so after the kids "read" for a few, they would jump up and start dancing like crazy!!! Then back to reading!!

Except Mackenzie. She is turning into such a little book worm :) she has been reading the Junie B. Jones series the past few weeks. But, when she found Black Beauty in the dollar bins at Target, she had to have it!!! She loves horses!!! And her nose has hardly come out of the book since she got it!!! Target has a few books like this in the bins!! She wants Pollyanna next.

We did make it out of the house for a little while today. We went to the bx to pick up a few things and to let the kids play a bit in the play area. Then it was back home!! The older two jumped in the neighbors kiddie pool ( clothes and all!! ) while I made dinner and Adam and Madison played the kinect.

We had some fruit we needed to use up, so I tried my hand at making some whipped cream!!!! Had no idea it was so easy!!!! Lol!!! The kids loved it!!!!

So, I have kind of gotten lazy with the blogging. I am Loving this app for my phone an iPad!! But hey!!! At least I am blogging!!! :)
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♥Jess♥ said...

I wish my blackberry had an app because I can post pictures and post by email, but it just throws them on the post and I can't write around them. But its good to see you back to blogging! I'm making my come back, slowly, too!


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