Monday, September 26, 2011

It's officially official!

Yes, we got the WORD the other day that we will be heading up to Alaska come December. But today... today Adam got the HARD PROOF that we are leaving Louisiana behind!! It is amazing how much more real things become when you have a physical copy of the military orders in hand! It is EXCITING, SCARY, NERVE-WRACKING, EXCITING, OVERWHELMING, but did I mention EXCITING??

We really cannot wait to start this new adventure! A lot of people think we are crazy for being so excited about it! I am not really looking forward to the drive (Though I know we will see some AMAZING sights along the way) with three small children in a cramped car. But, I am looking forward to the experience of LIVING in Alaska! It is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for us! Adam and I had always talked about going to Alaska. We talked about it even before we got married. And now, the military is sending us there on orders to live for four whole years! Who would have thought?! Certainly not us! I cannot wait to get my camera up there and explore the beautiful state and see what all it has to offer! The scenery, the wild life, my kids experiencing REAL snow and mountains.... my camera is never going to grow tired of it! Adam and I are never going to grow tired of it!

We are definitely cold weather people! We would much rather be in a place where it snows more than twice a year! I love layers! I love hoodies!! I love boots!!! And now, I get to wear them again!!! Don't get me wrong... I will miss my flip flops! But they will see the light of day for a month or two during the summer! My kids will be able to go outside and play all year round! I can bundle them up enough to keep them warm to play in the cold up there. Down here.. there weren't many cold days we really had to worry about. They hardly wore their winter coats! And summer here... well, there is only so much you can take off of them to keep them cool. We were mostly stuck inside in the AC all summer. Summer up there is 70*! Summer here... 100*+. We are definitely ready for change!

I am really going to miss my friends though. I have met a lot of wonderful people down here. And some of them have really become a part of our lives! They have become great friends, even if we don't get to hang out too often. We have watched our kids grow up together, and we have gone through the Barksdale life together. We've helped to pull each other through. I am really going to miss my favorite girls here. It is going to be a bittersweet move. We are so excited to get out of Barkatraz, but heartbroken that we are leaving good friends behind. Luckily we have things like Facebook and cell phones to keep up in touch! I'm hoping that later on down the road we'll get to see each other again! Whether each of our hubby's stay in the military or not.

So, 2 months. That is it. In 2 months we are packing up our house and going on this big adventure!

Bring it on ... :)
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