Sunday, January 15, 2012

15/365+1 Pinterest FAIL

I have been pinning like crazy since I first found out about ( *ahem* became addicted to ) Pinterest! So many amazing ideas!!!! Some of them I have actually accomplished! And some I have... Attempted. Tonight's attempt was a fail!!!

I came across a pin a wile ago about mixing a box of cake mix with a can of diet soda! everyone who commented under it RAVED about it!!! So, I thought why not!! Sounds easy enough!!! So I finally remembered to buy some soda tonight ( we aren't big on soda ) and a box of cake mix! I mixed them both together, poured it in cake pans and baked. They looked great!! Smelled amazing!! I let them cool for a while. Then came time to get them out of the pans. This is where things started falling apart. Quite literally. The cake was so crumbly it just started coming apart in pieces!!! I managed to get both cakes out and on the cake stand... And then I did a botchy ice job. Trying to seal pieces together as I went. It didn't work. I just laughed at this pile of cake pieces in front of me! How could I not giggle at it! I was too embarrassed to take a picture of it, so I just served it to the kids who were patiently waiting for CAKE!!!!

And then I realized... They don't care a bit what it looks like!!! As long as it tastes good!!! And, it did :)

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Julia said...

That's weird! I've made this cake many, many times and it's worked wonderfully! Oh well, it's still cake :)


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