Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Down... but NOT out!

It's been a rough few weeks. I've been battling a crazy head cold that suddenly turned in to a horrible sinus infection. My head has never been so clogged up with pressure before in my life. It sucks! It's knocked me back a bit as far as my workouts. But, it hasn't knocked me OUT! I've been doing TurboFire as much as I possibly could (I am sure that is not true, I probably could have pushed harder.). Even though I haven't done all of the workouts in this last 30 day session, I still got some results! I am down 10 pounds and 10 inches! So, I am not complaining (too much (; ) I'm still quite proud of myself!!!! I am hoping that this is the end of the head cold/sinus infection, so that I can push myself even hard for the next 30 days of TurboFire! I really want to see MORE results!!!

We are really starting to settle in here! Alaska has been such a crazy wonderful adventure so far!!! We have had a few set backs, but we really aren't letting those set backs put a damper on our attitude here. Alaska is definitely a nice change from Louisiana! The kids are really enjoying it!

I am trying so hard to get things set up for Nicholas. He's been falling back in to some old bad habits. He hasn't been to OT in over 3 months. I know that is really effecting him. I have been trying to get him re-evaluated up here so we can set up his sessions, but it isn't that easy up here. I haven't gotten any calls back. Well, I got a few, but they were from places that were not accepting new patients. I really need to get him in to OT ASAP! I really miss Little Works in Progress right about now. Those ladies were always so great with him!!!

I've done the best I can to get our night time routine down. But, it still proves to be THE hardest part of the day. Nicholas fights it hard. If it isn't a screaming meltdown, then it is getting out of bed with excuse after excuse after excuse for 2+ hours. It's rough. I'm kind of at a loss with bedtime. I do my best to get everything taken care of before it's lights out. But, he just finds something else. It's definitely been rough. And it is taking it's toll. I'm hoping we can get past these horrible meltdowns soon. I think I am going to have to get a hold of his ECHO coordinator and get ABA set up. Maybe that will help. If we can find someplace to get him in?? Ulgh!!!

Anyway!!!! ALASKA!!!!....... Here are some pics from the past few weeks!!!

My first Aurora experience!

 Macro Snow
Playing in the backyard!

Alaska sunset!
 We took a drive to a Glacier 45 minutes South of Anchorage. This is the Turnagain arm along the way. The ice chunks are HUGE!

 Portage Glacier

 Second Aurora experience... I'll figure it out eventually!

 Took a hike up to Thunderbird Falls.

I've got a whole lot more on my phone. I think maybe I will just do a phone dump post at some point!! LOL!!! Alright, I'm done!!!! Off of here I go!
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