Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making some changes!

For the better of course!

Moving to Alaska has been a fresh start!! I knew coming here that it was going to be an adventure! And I REALLY wanted to make some changes while we are here! My first change was with my business. It was a tough decision, but, I decided to take the year off so I could focus on my family and this incredible place we are blessed to call home (for the next four years anyway!). Starting this chapter of life, I knew I wanted to make a BIG change as far as my health. Focusing on my family is not just about spending more time with them. But, it is about making healthy changes so I can spend even LONGER with them! I've been battling my weight since baby #1. Baby #1 is now 8 1/2. I'd say the time has come to finally get rid of this weight once and for all!

I decided to take a challenge. A Beachbody Challenge! After seeing so many people get amazing results with Turbo Fire. I decided it was time for me to take the plunge. It was hard. I definitely admit that the price kind of pushed me away. But, I have tried other things. And, well, nothing worked! I couldn't stay  motivated or dedicated to the elliptical or total gym for more than a few days at a time. And "diets" just haven't been cutting it. So, I decided to make a big change! I took the plunge and bought Turbo Fire. It has definitely been... a challenge, to say the least. But, definitely not in a bad way. It has actually been quite fun! And I have noticed results in just the first 26 days! I have lost 10 pounds since I first started!!! And AT LEAST 7 inches! I "cheated" and took my measurements on day 19 instead of waiting until day 30. So, if I lost 7 inches by day 19... I can't wait to see what day 30 has in store!!! It may not be a big change, I have been sick and have missed a few days of the program. But, I am still tracking my calories and eating better than I was. I've been keeping to a 1300 calorie diet and tracking it with the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. ( you can track directly on the website if you don't have a smart phone). The app has been extremely helpful since I have access to it wherever I am! 

TurboFire has been amazing!! I didn't believe all the hype, and I kind of dreaded starting it. It took me a long time to finally push the "Buy" button. I was unsure about spending the money on something that was just going to last for a few days and then I would give up on it. Honestly though, it has been nothing like that! It's... dare I say... FUN! Granted, I feel like a dork doing it.

Ok, so, I am not doing Zumba, but you get the point. I love being able to do the Turbo Fire from the comfort of my own living room!!! There is no pressure, no "judging". I am free to do the workout however I can! Even if i have to modify it! And the great thing is, there is so much room to modify it until you can go hardcore like Chalene does! 

Speaking of Chalene. Seriously, she is an incredible motivator. Even though she is on the TV screen a few feet in front of you, it almost seems like she is RIGHT there pushing you to do your best! She is a wonderful encourager and she knows just the right time in the workout to help you along when you feel like your slacking! I have really been pushed hard doing this challenge. And yeah, sure I have felt like giving up. But, I haven't! And I am seeing great results!!!! I really can't wait to see my results by the end of this challenge!!!

Let me know if you want any more info on the BeachBody programs! I decided to become a part of the BeachBody Team! So, I can help you out with questions or if you would like to make the leap and take the challenge too! I'm just getting started on this adventure, but shoot me an email for more information!

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