Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh So Silly!

Photo Challenge Submission

It feels like {FOREVER} since the last time I did an I Heart Faces challenge!!! In fact, I think it HAS been forever!!!! But, don't fret! I decided to jump in on this one! (not that anyone is really paying much attention! lol!) It actually worked out perfectly with this theme! I took some Valentine shots of my kids yesterday, and they were just... well, SILLY! So, I have an over abundance of images to choose from!

It has taken me a while. But, I finally decided on this one. I just keep going back to it! Usually people pick the images that are tack sharp and spot on with all the technicalities. But, I am daring to be different! I am going to show off my lovely {errr, horrible!} lack of focus here!

All was well and calm as I was taking the first few images. I was talking Nicholas through sitting down {not easy for a 6 year old boy by any means!}. He *seemed* calm and collected and just very laid back. And then.... all of a sudden..... BOOFGOBBLE!!!

Focus is completely off. Can't make out any clarity in his face. His big brown eyes are a big brown blur. But, you know what!? I am not caring! I LOVE this picture!! It is absolutely, 100% NICHOLAS! My crazy, random, spunky 6 year old boy!

Now, just in case you are behind on the times, I will explain. Boofgobble is the latest craze! In this house anyway! Boofgobble is the way goofball comes out of my 3 year olds mouth. It has since become a catchy word in our home! So, of course, the older siblings use the term like crazy now! 

If you want to take part in the Oh So Silly! Photo Challenge, head over to I Heart Faces before tonight!!!!
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