Monday, May 28, 2012

Has it really been almost three months???

Sheesh, Ok, I'll just say it... I suck at blogging now! The days of blogging every single day are long gone!

So,  lot has happened since the last time I blogged. We moved. Again! Not too far! Still in Alaska. But, the owners of the house broke our lease, so we moved on base. I was bummed about the breaking of the lease. But, it has worked out. We got a house on base fast and we are saving quite a bit of money. The house... errrr.... apartment?? is a bit smaller than we are used to. But, we are making do with it! We are surviving! It's home, right?!?!?

Before we moved, I became a BeachBody Coach and started my journey to loosing all this extra weight I have put on over the past 10 years! I've put on WAY too much weight! I started the first round of Turbo Fire and lost 17 pounds and SEVERAL inches! I was very happy with my progress, and I still wanted to push further. But, things got pretty stressful with the move and the end of school nearing and I fell off the wagon. I stopped doing my workouts while preparing to move and I gained a few of those pounds back. But, after we moved I started the program back up again. I'm pushing hard towards my goals. I've been cooking healthier and adding different things to our meals that I normally wouldn't have tried!!!! I've been cooking with a lot more vegetables, I've introduced Quinoa to my family, cooking with mostly turkey  meat instead of ground beef, and eating a lot more veggie burgers! I'm also adding Whey Protein shakes post workout as well as in the mornings on my non workout days!

And of course, I am still having my Shakeology Shakes almost daily! As well as vitamins! And before my workouts I started drinking the Energy and Endurance drink by BeachBody!!! WOW has it given me the boost to get through my workouts!!!!

It's been really great eating a lot healthier these days!!! I am trying so many new things, thanks to Pinterest! And I am discovering so many different foods/recipes that I never thought I would like!!! We've tried { and LOVED } Turkey Stuffed Peppers with quinoa and roasted corn, turkey chili, turkey goulash, flatbread pizza with tzatziki, cauliflower crusted pizza, different kinds of veggie gyros, yogurt pancakes!!! And the list goes on!!!! I never thought I would like half of this stuff!!! 

Of course, there are a few things I have made that aren't sooooo healthy for us!!!! But, my kids (and hubby!! lol ) deserve a treat every once in a while!!!

It's actually been quite fun trying so many new foods!!! And we are still trying more! Lol!!! Pinterest has been my best friend!!! Haha!!!

Anyway, after we moved, the kids were still going to their current school. So, I was making 4 20 minute drives back and forth to the school every week day!! It was a bit tough, but it was just for a few weeks. I didn't want to make them transition anymore then they had to. I think it was definitely the best thing to do for them.

Nicholas graduated Kindergarten!!!!! He made many improvements this year!!! He fell a little behind after the big move from LA to AK. But, with the help of his Teacher, teacher aid, special education teacher, and some of the other staff at the school, he made great strides towards his goals on his IEP! He is so excited to become a First Grader!

Mackenzie passed the second grade!!!! She fell behind a bit as well after our big move. But, she caught up and has done pretty well!!! She had an end of year awards ceremony and she received an award for Outstanding Dramatization of Social Situation Lessons! She was so proud!!! She was also Star Student of the week for the last week of school! She had to make a poster with different tidbits about herself. Her fellow students then made a book about her with different bits of information about her!!! It is such a cute book! And I know she is going to treasure it forever!!!

Mackenzie LOVES being active... especially for a cause!!!! She did Jump Rope For Heart again this year! She raised $350 for  kids whose hearts don't work the way ours do! She was so proud of her accomplishment!!!! She was so excited to help these kids!!!!

Maddybug is getting so big!!! I still can't believe she is three and a half now!!!! We just got her big girl bed off the floor and on to an actual bed frame! lol!!! She is still too short to get up without a step! But, she is getting better!!!!! We opted for a daybed for her and she loves it!!! She calls it a strawberry bed because she thinks the posts look like strawberries!!! Lol!!! She is so silly!!!

 Her hair is getting soooo long!!! I am having another internal battle with myself!!!! I want to cut her hair. But, I don't!!! I love love LOVE her long hair!!! But, it is seriously just getting to be too much to handle!!!!
She is growing up way too fast!!!! Her vocabulary is still growing and growing!!! And she is saying things I didn't even know she knew!!!! She is a smart little cookie!!! She loves singing (JUST like her big sister!!! ) Her latest hits are Twinkle Twinkle and Row Row Row Your Boat. She is counting up to 15 and FINALLY getting her colors down!!!! I really want to get her in to a preschool program up here!!!! But, I think I may miss her too much!! Lol!!!!

Shortly after our move, my desktop started crashing :( It was crash dumping like crazy. So, my wonderful, amazing, incredible hubby MADE me go out and buy a Mac! He told me we are no longer buying Windows computers. We've just gone through so many of them. So, we are now a Mac family!!!! Ok, well... Adam and I use the Mac! The kids use the reformatted Dell downstairs! lol!!! I LOVE this computer!!! The screen is HUGE!! And it is SO EASY to set up!!!! And of course, it is really nice having a computer that my iPhone and iPad sync up with!!! I'm in love!!!

AFTER I bought the Mac I kinda freaked out.... wondering about my Photoshop. Thinking I was going to have to buy the version for Mac since I had a Windows based version. But, NOPE! Adobe was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and they sent me the Mac version! All I had to do was pay shipping!!!!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we added on to the family!!!!!!! It took a while for me to cave in. But, the kids were really missing having a dog. And so was Adam. I was really hesitant about it. But, we did a TON of research. I wanted to make sure we found the perfect breed for our lifestyle. After MUCH reading... we decided a Greyhound was going to be our best bet.

Meet Ruby! She is the sweetest, most mellow pup EVER! She is 6 months old and she is fantastic!!! She has been so great with the kids!!!! They love her!!!!! She has already become a part of the family!!!!

We've been leash training her since we got her. I am trying to get her used to walking with the leash so that I can build her up to running! I want to start running, and I need a partner :)

We're still working on it ;)

Summer is finally here!!!!! But, summer in AK is A LOT different than summer in LA! It is MUCH colder!!! LOL!!!! It's been raining most of this week, and it is going to continue in to this coming week. But, we're making do with that too!!!! It's so nice having 40-60 degree temps instead of 100*+!!!! I was OVER LA weather!!!

There have been lots of nice days though!!! And with the snow pretty much all gone, we've been out exploring!!!! A few weekends ago we found an airplane museum! Nicholas was IN HEAVEN!!!! He was beside himself and didn't know what to look at first!!!! It was so nice to see him so excited and happy about it!!!! 

 We've also been exploring all of the local parks!!!! I know there are MANY more we have yet to find!! But, we found a few close ones that the kids (yes, hubby included!!! ) LOVE!!! It will definitely help the summer pass by nicely with parks so close!

 We spent the day at a friends house yesterday!!! WE had a nice BBQ and we made a redneck waterbed for the kids before the rain came through!!!! They had a blast with it!!!

 Ruby was having fun watching from a distance!

Alright.... so, THIS COMPLETE RANDOMNESS has been our life in Alaska!!!! We have been enjoying it so much!!!!!! Yeah, there are hiccups... but, we've been making the best of it!!!

Maybe my next post will be about my latest jewelery obsession!!! Lol!!!
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♥Jess♥ said...

So much going on... you really should start updating more often... LOL!

Great pictures... I can't believe how the kids have grown!! They are getting so big. :)


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