Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I promise, I haven't forgotten about blogging. Not yet anyway! Life has just been busy as usual.

We enjoyed this past weekend together as a family. Adam is leaving this coming Saturday morning for 2 weeks. Seems like he just got back from a TDY. (His 7 level school) But, he has been home for a bout a month and a half now. This time he is going up to Jersey for some kind of exercise. Fun! They cancel our vacation back home to NEw York, just to send him to Jersey. I am not so bummed about it anymore though. NY is getting about the same weather that we have been having. And honestly, I want a BREAK from this nastiness! So, we are going at Christmas and I know we will enjoy the weather more then! In fact, the kids are already talking about the snow! I can't wait!

While we are up there we are going to have Madison't FIRST birthday party! I can't believe I am already thinking about that! It seriously seems like I just had her! It makes me so sad that this is going by so fast. Especially since she is my last. But, maybe eventually we will adopt, like we had always talked about. Who knows! Anyway, I want to do a Ladybug theme. Of course! Everything Ladybugs for this little Lady! My friend Melly has helped me find a few great party idea's and I can't wait to get things started. Well, let me re-phrase. I can't wait to get the PARTY planning going. I CAN wait for my baby girl to turn 1! I am so not ready! Thank Goodness I have 5 months to prepare my heart for that, eh!

Well, there really was no point to this post. I just felt like writing since it has been a few days. We are getting ready to head to speech! I may pop on a bit later to ramble some more! I added a few more pictures to the link below! I had another small photoshoot with the wee lil one!

Oh, and I am seriously getting with the times here!!! I added Twitter to the side bar!!!! YAY ME! Lol!!! Hopefully I remember to keep up with it :)

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Melanie said...

Christmas can't get here soooon enough for me!!!!!! :) :) :) love you chica, and you've been a better blogger than ME the last few weeks!


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