Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love my kids.

My 3 wonderful children are the most amazing blessings God has ever given me. I love each of them with every ounce of my being. They are my life. Each of them bring a joy to me that I could never explain!

With that being said. Have you ever had one of those days where you just wanted to scream and lock your kids in their bedrooms until the sun comes up the next day?? Yeah, my day is going a little something like that!

Mackenzie and Nicholas have gotten to that stage in their relationship where playing nicely in their rooms together, sharing crayons and markers, singing silly songs with one another, etc, just doesn't happen much anymore. I remember once upon a time they used to play contently with each other for hours! They would hate to be interrupted or separated. It was so sweet and heart warming knowing they loved each other's company so much!

But now. Now, spending time with each other is unbearable. Sharing toys is unheard of! And getting along.... well, I think you see where this is going. It boggles me how two children who had such a love of spending time with each other could so rapidly change their tune and want nothing to do with each other. It saddens me more though. But, I know that this is just how life goes. I was there once with my sisters. Actually, I was there three times.

I remember getting along with each of my sisters. Then when my oldest sister was TOO old, it was just 3 of us. Then my other sister (who is JUST 16 months older than me by the way) decided she was too old to be playing with my younger sister and I. And then shortly after, I did the same to my younger sister. Kind of like the circle of life I guess. But, I now know why it is that my dad has lost most of his hair! I guess he was right when he said my sisters and I made him lose it! And here I always thought he was making it up! I bet my parents are living it up right now! They always told us when we were younger, "I hope your kids give you a taste of your own medicine!" WHY!!! WHY would parents wish such things on their children!!!! Ok, I can see why! Actually, I think I have done it a few times in my head to my own children. And I am sure sooner or later the words will pour out my mouth just as they did my parents! Eeek! And I always told myself I was never going to say that!

They are both finding their unique personalities! They are growing up and realizing they both like very different things. Which is great! I don't want them to be exactly the same! I love that they both are finding what they like and expressing it. But really, do they have to be SOOO different??

Mackenzie, oh boy! My little girl has turned in to a teen aged diva (minus the teen age) and her little brother just wants to play with her, but she won't have it! She just wants to go around dressing up like Hannah Montana and singing any Disney Teen song she can remember at the moment. She loves dressing up in all of her different clothes, lining her arms with plastic heart bangles, wearing scarves (or doll accessories she has turned in to scarves) and she grabs the first thing she see's that she can turn in to a microphone and she belts out some songs.

Nicholas however. Well, he is a boy! And what do boys love!?? TRUCKS, TRACTORS, CARS, TRAINS!!! And anything else that can run over his sister's barbie dolls and cause an uproar out of her! I think he enjoyes getting the rise out of her and then running away to tell on her. He loves coloring, and playdough, and ripping things to pieces (that last part I am not fond of at all, grr!) He is very much all boy. And he certainly likes to prove it!

I miss the younger days so much. When keeping them happy with each other was so much easier! I wonder how it will be with Madison in just a year or two when she wants to get more involved and play with them! She is in a whole lot of trouble! Poor girl is going to be lonely :(

Speaking of Madison! I don't necessarily want to lock her up in her room. I just wish I could find some kind of cure for Acid Reflux! If I am done with dealing with it, I KNOW she is! 7 months later and it still seems just as bad as it was in the beginning. It got really bad this past week and yesterday I had enough. SOMETHING needs to be done for this poor girl. So, I called her Dr. We talked about different medications and decided to try putting her back on the Zantac. She was on it a while back, but it wasn't doing a thing for her. At that time I was nursing her though and I had the thyroid issue, so my milk was pretty much non-existent. She was losing weight and still throwing up, so we wanted to try another medication to find something that would help her gain weight. We switched her medication about the same time we were switching her to formula. So, with the situation being different now, we are trying the Zantac again. I am REALLY hoping it works! I am so ready for a happy non puking baby! And less laundry :)

Otherwise, I can't complain about Maddybug! She is really a happy kid! She is always smiling! And she is changing daily! She is just getting the hang of sitting up on her own! She is sitting for extended periods of time now without flopping over! I think she went a good 15 minutes today! Just sitting there babbling to Mackenzie. Of course Mackenzie was off in the Hannah Montana Zone. Maddy is also getting up on her knees now. She will be crawling before I know it! And I am sooo not ready for it!

But, I am hopping off here since my Hubby just walked in the door and gave me evil eye's after smelling the choclate-y goodness baking in the oven! (I needed a chocolate fix... brownies, yum!)
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