Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ane he's off.... again...

This morning we woke up bright and early... (ok, well maybe not so bright. In fact, the sun wasn't up at all yet!) to drive Adam to the airport.

It seems like he just got home from Seven Level school not to long ago. It's been a month and a half now. But, the military decided to send him off for some exercise. Granted, it is only a week and a half. It could be so much worse. But, this is the part I absolutely hate about being a military wife. It gets a bit overwhelming doing all this on my own. Especially when the kids are grumpy and whiney.

So, we dropped him off at the airport this morning. We spent a little bit of time there with him while he waited to board. We said our goodbye's. Gave our hugs and kisses. And shed a few tears. (yes, it is only for a week and a half, but it is always hard saying goodbye) Mackenzie had the hardest time. She bawled her eye's out before we even walked away from him. She kept saying how much she missed him already. I think that was the main reason my tears flowed. Because of how hard she was taking it. I think I would have held it together until tonight if she hadn't of cried like that. Nicholas shed a few tears, but he was a big boy for the most part. So, we walked out of the airport with Mackenzie still in tears. In fact, she cried the whole way home. (The airport is only 15 minutes from our house) She even cried for a while after we got home. Until she was distracted with playdough!

So, shortly after we had gotten home, Adam called me. His flight was delayed. After they boarded, the unboarded. They were on a 2 hour delay. They had to figure something out because his layover was only an hour in between flights. So, he would have missed his connecting flight. Eventually they got everyone's flight situation figured out. Finally, 3 hours after unboarding, they reboarded and took off for Dallas. Upon getting to Dallas, they realized that their connecting flights were delayed too. So he was able to get his connecting flight afterall. Even though it was several hours later! So, he caught his flight and he got to Philly just fine! But, after getting to Philly he realized his bags were not at the airport. They are trying to figure out where they are now. But, he has to wait there until they get things situated. It stinks becuase he has to catch a bus to get to the base 2 hours away. He has to report tomorrow morning. I am just afraid he isn't going to get much sleep at all. And I REALLY REALLY hope they find his bags. I don't even know what they do in those situations if they can't find the bags!

So, it has been a rough day for him. It's also been a rough day for me. The kids are very grumpy and whiney and driving me nuts... I am already more than ready for Adam to be home! MORE THAN READY! Bring on the end of August :D

So, on another not. I had to take down the bassinet part of the pack and play. Miss Maddy has figured out how to pull up the bar on one end and lift it out of it's "resting place". So, as soon as I saw that, down it came. She is now in the bottom part of the Pack n Play. Boy am I in trouble with this one!We are still having issues with her throwing up. The Zantac hasn't helped much at all. It's making it very difficult and frustrating (not to mention gross) for her to play on the floor. Hopefully she grows out of it soon. Hopefully :)

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