Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guess I started slacking off again on this blogging thing! Kind of makes me sad. I used to be so good about it. I used to blog pretty much every day. I kept up with so much of what was going on in life. I started blogging when Mackenzie was just 6 months old. I have so many moments in her life that I can just click back on and "re-live" if I wanted. Then I found out I was pregnant with Nicholas. I was pretty good about being pregnant, taking care of a 1 1/2 year old and blogging still. Even when the pregnancy took a turn for the worse and I was in the hospital for 2 months, I was still blogging ( well, I guess I had more time on my hands then, but still). After he was born, well, things started to slow down a bit and so did my blogging. Of course, it was to be expected.. having a newborn and all :) But then it picked up again once he got a bit older. I was blogging about those big milestones again!!! And then some!!! Then things just started to die down again... and I haven't really posted all that much since finding out about my pregnancy with Madison. I feel like all of these milestones are going to slip away and I won't have a way to get back there and reflect on them. Not like I do with Mackenzie and Nicholas.

I NEED to get better about blogging!!! NEED TO! I want to print my Xanga blog and make it a book for me to go back through!!! Something that will help keep my memories alive I suppose. I need to make blogging a priority! I NEED to!

So, on that note. My baby girl is starting to CRAWL!!!!! I can't believe how fast the past 7 1/2 months have gone! She has been slowly getting the hang of it the past few days. But tonight, she just picked herself up on to her knee's and crawled her way to her big sister!!!! And wouldn't you know, as soon as I grabbed the camera... she stopped. Wanted nothing to do with it anymore. Just wanted to be held!

More to come TOMORROW :) I have a sink full of dishes to do and some school uniform shopping to do online!
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