Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This post was written last week. I just never got around to finishing it. Life has been so crazy around here. But, I wanted to post it anyway, since this is afterall a blog for me to look back and reflect on.


I have so much to write.. but I don't even know where to start.

First off, Adam had 2 weeks off!!! Finally! It was approved! We spent a lot of time together, so I was hardly on here. Thus the lack of updates! We didn't go anywhere or do much of anything really. Mackenzie had school and we couldn't exactly pull her out to do anything. So, we stayed home, took Nicholas to speech and OT, and just went out and window shopped, went to parks, and the like! It was a lot of well needed quality husband time!!! I missed him a lot. So, it was definitely nice to have those 2 weeks. But, now he has been back to work all week and the busy schedule has returned. He is working afternoon in to the evenings. And that is the time I need him most. So, it's been a little tough. Things have been really rough here lately with Mackenzie. And I am just at a loss as to what to do right now. I know I could definitely use my husband home at night when things seem to be the most difficult. He is trying his best to get his hours switched. So, we are holding on to hope for that. He see's how stressful it is by myself, and I know he wants to be here to help.

So, what's been going on with Mackenzie... I have had many concerns of ADD/ADHD since she was fairly young. But I always pushed it to the back of my head because of the fact she was indeed so young. But, here we are now. In the midst of trying to figure out if this is really it. If it is, we are not going to go the route of medication unless it is our last option. I want to try some homeopathic remedies first, as well as occupational therapy and a rewards system. And we will go from there.

There has just been so many things going on with her lately. She spaces out, she ignore's directions, she won't focus on anything, she has been acting out terribly, she is so easily distracted, amongst many other things. I have always noticed these issues, but they have gotten soooo much worse. I have been trying so hard to deal with it properly, but we are all getting very frustrated with it. Including her. When she has a bad day of acting out, not listening, zoning out, etc., I ask her why, she responds with "I don't know". And it isn't just an "I don't know mommy leave me alone and stop aasking questions so I can do something else" type deal. It is a full blown tears and frustration of her trying to remember what had gone on that day and she flat out doesn't know. I don't feel like she is doing it on purpose. I can feel how upset she gets when she tries to remember and can't.

It's been rough, but we are trying to figure things out. I am going to order some Focus Formula to see if maybe that will help her be able to concentrate more. And I am still unsure what we are going to do as far as the mood swings. But, we will talk to the Dr about it and see what our options are. I really think that doing OT will help out. I think maybe it is all just a sensory overload and she is being overstimulated. So, we will figure it all out. God isn't going to give us more than we can handle. And I know He has a hold on the situation.

Nicholas is doing FANTASTIC with his speech and OT! He has made a lot of improvements and his Occupational Therapist has been very pleased with his progress!!! A lot of what she does with him will be stuff she will do with Mackenzie, if we get her in to OT. I already talked to her about it!!! She has been getting Nicholas to sit still for longer periods of time and FOCUS!!!! They have been doing a lot of treatments with headphones and music to block out distractions. So, I think I may get him a pair of headphones and some kind of "player" for his birthday. I think it will help him a lot!!!

Maddybug is doing great as well!!! She is now a mobile MACHINE! She is everywhere!!! She is even starting to pull herself up! She can't quite pull up on the couch, it is still too tall for her. But she can pull up on some of her toys and on lower tables and chairs. She thinks it is the best thing!! She now has 3 teeth and a 4th is getting ready to pop through. She hasn't been the easiest teether by any means. The older two were great while teething!!! Sometimes I had no idea that they had a new tooth until it had already popped through! But not Maddy. She let's me know!!! Oh boy does she let me know IT IS COMING!

She is now sitting up and getting back down to her belly all the time. She is a pro at it! She goes so fast!!! I can sit her down on the floor, turn around for a split second, and the next thing I know she is behind the couch! I am now finally able to get her hair in some form of a pony tail!!! Ok, so it is more of an onion top, but it is still adorable!! I love it!!! She has been really good about keeping the bows in her hair too!!! I am so excited!!! I love putting bows in her hair. I tried finding the glue that a lot of people use to put bows in their girl's hair, but I couldn't find it ANYWHERE!! I looked! But, I don't need it anymore now that I can pull her hair back!

So, that is about all. Until next time. Hopefully I won't write another post and not finish it for days like this one. I need to update yet again since all of this. But, still, life as a momma of 3 is hectic!!

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