Monday, October 26, 2009

I have become such a terrible blogger. I really need to get better at this.

Life has been chaotic (when has that ever been different!). The kids and I have been battling the *over dramatized* Swine Flu. We are all on the mend and doing much better!

The flu wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be (Thank you media!). Mackenzie had it the worst out of all of us. She was out of school for a week and a half ( I was VERY glad when she was able to go back! I love my daughter, but she was seriously driving me nuts! She just wanted to go to school!). She is perfectly healthy now! Well, except that lovely {read HORRIBLE} cough she gets every year around now. Down here in the south, they refer to it as ASTHMA. I however am not so sure about that. But ANY WAY! She is much better now and back in school. And she couldn't be happier.

Tomorrow we have her ADD/ADHD evaluation. I am not sure what is going to come out of it at this point. Since eliminating Red Dye #40 out of her diet, I have noticed a DRASTIC change! I am actually quite shocked. I was skeptical at first. But WOW! What a difference. The only issue now is getting her to focus. I heard Fish Oil is really good to help with that. So, I think I am going to pick some up!

The past month has been so gloomy out. We've had a few gorgeous days! But man, we have had more than our fair share of rain. I am so ready for it to end already. We seriously need a ramp to get out of our house. From either door! There are 3-4 inch deel puddles at both doors. And they are both several feet across. Jumping over would be easy if you didn't have a baby in your arms. Or if you weren't 4 and 5 with really short legs!

We are hoping the rain lets up by the weekend. Saturday is supposed to be a clear, sunshiney day! I am really hoping so! The kids would be so bummed if it were raining on Halloween. They are all excited to wear their costume!

Mackenzie originally wanted to be Hannah Montana. I was ok with that at first. I knew it was going to be pretty popular this year. But I thought maybe we could find a costume that wasn't so popular. So, we picked one out and had our hearts set on it (yes, OUR hearts), but I had no luck finding it anywhere. So, after a few weeks of hunting, we started to look into other costumes. I didn't want to try and convince her to pick another HM costume because I didn't want her to get lost in a sea of Hannah's while we were out Trick or Treating. So, we found an Alex Russo costume that she really liked!!! She has been in to The Wizards of Waverly Place lately! So, this is what she is going to be!

Nicholas however. Well, he has had his mind made up about his costume from the get go. I tried so hard to convince him to be Thomas. He LOVES Thomas the train. But, apparently, he loves Bumble Bee more. So, Nicholas is going to be the Transformer Bumble Bee. He was SO ecstatic with his costume that he wanted to put it on as soon as we got home from the store with it. Needless to say, he was pretty angry with me when I told him he couldn't. But, he was happy again when we took pictures in it!


Madison.... Maddybug.... or well, Ladybug! Her costume was picked out since before she was born! Lol!! I had my heart set on a lil ladybug for her! And I found it!!! She makes the most adoooooorable Ladybug, if i do say so myself! I had to sew some ribbon on to the hat though. I needed something to tie it to this baby's head!! She doesn't like to keep it on!!! She looks so sweet in this costume!! I love it!

Maddybug the Ladybug

So, now that I actually updated this ;) I am off to watch Hero's with my hubby! He is finally on DAY SHIFT again! So, we can actually spend quality time together at night!!!!

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