Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So, here I am. Ready to update. I think! Lol!! Depends on which kids stops me this time!

As usual, life has been pretty nutty here! But, let me get the gist of it out there!

Mackenzie - FANTASTIC! She has been doing WONDERFUL in school! Since eliminating the red dye she has been a kabagillion (word? I think not! But I like it (: )times better!!!! We had 2 days where she had notes sent home, but it was right after she got over the Swine Flu and she was out of school for almost 2 weeks! Since those two incidents, she has been doing PHENOMENALLY!!! She even got her ice cream night since she was doing so well! We went to Cold Stone's and the girl was in HEAVEN! She is doing great with her school work! Her report card was fantastic!!! I am VERY proud of her!

Nicholas is doing fantastic as well!! He has been making major improvements with speech and his fine and gross motor skills! I had him evaluated at the school to see about getting him the IEP so he can get in to Head Start. He got the IEP and he has an Occupational therapist come to the house once a week to work with him. She said the only thing he really needs help on is some small issues in fine and gross motor skills. That's it!!! She came yesterday for their first "playdate" and she said she was FLOORED with how smart this boy is! He did AMAZING with all of the objectives she gave him! I am VERY proud of him as well! He had tons of fun with her and worked well, though he really just wanted to play with her! She said he should be more than ready for pre-K next year!!!!!!

Maddybug is doing good!!! She has a bit of a head cold right now. But we are trying to knock it out of her system. She is scheduled to go in for surgery on her left eye on Thursday. So, we need to get this cold to go away! She has a clogged tear duct in her left eye. Now, usually they allow for the baby to go until their first birthday with it to see if it clears up on it's own, but Maddy's has been quite severe. It has caused a few infections and this last one was the worst. So, we went to the ophthalmologist and he said he didn't want to wait :( The surgery itself I am not so worried about. It is a bit more complicated than the normal unclogging of the tear duct, but nothing too complicated. Maddy's ducts are very narrow, so they think there is part of the canal that is sealed off. So, they are going to go in with the probes, open up the canal, then insert 2 silicone tubes in to open the passage. The tubes will stay there for three months. They will then come out and we will see how her eye is then. If it is still clogged up, and the canal hasn't stretched open, they will have to do the procedure again. Hopefully just the one time does the trick.

What is really freaking me out is the anesthesia. I have never dealt with any of my kids being sedated :( And the thought of it is kind of making me feel sick to my stomach. I have already had those crazy dreams of her not waking up, and ones like that. It scares me. Actually, it terrify's me. She is so little. But, I know that God gave the Dr's wisdom and that He is also guiding their hands and minds to keep my lil monkey safe!


So again, I had to stop typing and go. And again, I didn't get back to finishing my post like I had wanted. So, let's hope I can get it posted this morning, shall we :)

So, we had Maddy's pre-op apt yesterday. Everything went great and surgery tomorrow is a GO. I am relieved, but of course still freaking out at the same time. The Dr just went over everything with me again and set the time for her surgery. She will be the first one of the day, so we have to be there at 5:30. ICK! He also went over the risks associated with the anesthesia and everything, which obviously did NOT help my nerves. After her apt I had to go to the hospital and pre-register her. We were stopped soo many times for people to oogle over my little chunkey Monkey! (did I mention she is 20 lbs? WOW! ) Everythone kept pinching her little {CHUNKY} thighs! Which I admit, I do all the time!! hehe!!! She is ticklish! And they kept remarking how incredible her eye's are!!! I love her eye's. And I really hope they stay as bold as they are now! {GORGEOUS}. So, anyway, getting back on topic. 15 minutes of paperwork ended up turning in to an hour and a half of stop and go "traffic" as I made my way through the hospital. So, all we need to do now is go to the hospital tomorrow morning and get her bracelet on her.

Everything will be fine. Wisdom and Guidance... Wisdom and Guidance.

So, on that note. I am going to finish up here so I can actually get a post... er.. posted! Lol!! I am sure I could keep writing. But, I have to stop here before the phone rings again, the baby cries again, or Nicholas gets up. Actually, I need to stop because I didn't realize what time it is now and I have an apt in a little bit. Oh how I can't wait for a day where I can just SIT and... do nothing :) Probably won't happen! Lol!!!
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