Thursday, November 12, 2009


My heart just about stopped this morning when my phone alarm went off at 4:45. I was was finally sleeping peacefully only to be woken by the dreadful noise yelling at me that it was time to get Madison to the hospital. Something I have not been looking forward to. Yes, it was a simple, minor procedure. But the thought of my baby... MY BABY... being put to sleep with laughing gas, having an IV forcing meds inducing sleep in to her tiny little body, and a breathing tube down her throat, well, it made for a very uneasy momma. In all my SIX {yes, my oldest BABY is going to be 6 in 2 1/2 weeks!) years of being a mommy, I have never once had to deal with anesthesia with them. I, myself have had 2 procedures where I was put under, but never my children. I was scared even when I was going through it knowing there were risks. But my baby. Gosh, I have been dreading this since I was told she would need the tear duct probe and silicone tubing done.

Madison had a very rough night. She woke up several times crying. But I could not give her what she wanted. She wanted to eat. All I could do was rock with her. A few different times. She just could not stay asleep. Maybe she felt my anxiety over this whole thing? Maybe she just wasn't feeling so well? She has had a little bit of a head cold. Who knows. All I know is that she didn't want Mama to get a full night's sleep.

So, I woke up when my alarm went off and got myself dressed. Came downstairs to make sure I had everything together before getting the lil monkey up. I didn't want to have her up and fussing while I was getting stuff together. Especially since she wasn't allowed to eat anything since last night. As soon as I had everything together by the front door, I went upstairs and woke her up. And she was all smiles! I love being greeted by her {now 6!} toothy grin! It melts my heart. But, I guess I particularly needed it this morning. Knowing what she was about to go through, it made me happy knowing she at least woke up happy!

After I got her dressed in some comfy clothes, we headed out the door. Getting in to the car and seeing that clock light up and say 5:15 was not my idea of a good start. I wanted more sleep!! But, I made my way to the hospital by 5:30. I had already pre-registered her, so we were just given her {Fashionable!} hospital bracelet and we went on our way up to day surgery. Of course we were stopped by several members of the nursing staff offering their compliments to the little patient as well as their sympathy.

We got to her room and got her changed in to her hospital gown. She had no idea what was going on. But she was happy exploring the new surroundings. Even if it was just looking around from inside a new crib!


I have never seen such itty bitty hospital gowns. I think she looked pretty darn cute in it... if I do say so myself! She stayed pretty calm in the crib for a while. Kept herself content! She played, she looked around, she played peek-a-boo with mommy a few times, as well as chasing me back and forth across the crib {have I mentioned she has gotten quite fast with the furniture walking!}.


Time was {SERIOUSLY} passing by so slow! It felt like we were there forever. But, we weren't. Maddybug got a little fussy and just wanted momma to hold her. I didn't mind one bit. So, we rocked for a little bit and she fell asleep within just a few minutes <3.

At about 8am, my lil monkey was finally placed in my arms again. She was so out of it :( She was just whimpering and crying "mamamama dadadadada mamama dadada" It seriously broke my heart and sent tears down my cheeks. But, I held it together quite well. I rocked her for a bit while they set the bed back up in her room. Then I had to put her down. They still wanted to monitor her for a little while longer.


So, we waited...


At about 8:30 they came in and said we could go home! I was more than thrilled and I bet Maddy was too!!

So, we are home. She went to sleep pretty much as soon as we got home. She saw daddy for a few (he had to stay home to get Mackenzie on the bus and be with Nicholas) then he had to go to work and she went up for a nap. That was around 9 this morning. It is 2:30 now and she is just starting to wake up! So, on that note, I am done with this update and I am going to go snuggle with my little ladybug <3
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Jess said...

I think that she's did great! :) I remember the steps all to well from when Matt has his tooth extraction.


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