Monday, November 16, 2009

A few days later...

So, here we are a few days after the surgery. Madison is doing FANTASTIC! Her eye isn't bothering her at all!! I think it would be safe to say that she doesn't even feel the tubes in her eye!

We had a bit of a scare the night of her surgery. I was told by the anesthesiologist that morning that since Madison has GERD, she was at risk for a few more complications than the typical baby. He told me that if she had a bout of reflux while under the anesthesia, the fluid could go up the tube and disperse in to her lungs. And of course, just that happened. They monitored her for a little longer after the surgery just to make sure she was ok. Then they brought her in to me! And we went home shortly after that.

After we had gotten home, she had taken a 5 1/2 hour nap!!! That demerol sure knocked her out! She woke up about 2:30 and she was happy as could be! Granted she had a terrible cough, but I thought maybe it was just a side effect from the breathing tube being down her throat. I went to change her diaper like I normally do after she wakes up, but she was still completely dry. She hadn't had a wet diaper since the night before the surgery. That had me concerned. She was working on her second bottle of the day around 3ish, and she had vomited all over :( Then about 3 hours later, she did it again with her 3rd bottle. That is when I noticed she was getting warm. I took her temp and it was 102! So, I called triage and they told me to bring her back to the Children's Hospital. So, off we went. We got all checked in and they brought her back for a chest X-Ray. It turned out that more fluid had gotten in to her lungs than the Dr originally thought. That was what was causing the fever and the vomiting. And on top of that, the poor girl has bronchitis :(

But, even with all of this, she is still so happy!!!! She is slowly getting better! Someday soon we will have a completely healthy house!!! Someday!!! But with three kids, it is hard to imagine that happening in the near future!! Lol!!!

Ok, so the day has started and we are off to speech now!!! :)
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Jess said...

I'm glad that she is doing okay now! :) Hopefully you will all be healthy very soon.


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