Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, now that I have finally taken a moment to sit down... I guess I should blog about the recent happenings in the Craig household! Whew!

Adam's mom flew in on the 21st. The kids were stoked! They have been waiting for Nana to come to see us for what seemed like FOREVER! As soon as the found out Nana was coming ( a few weeks back) that is all they talked about. They kept asking each morning if we were going to the airport. We eventually had to make a countdown on the calendar!

Nana came down to celebrate Thanksgiving with us as well as the kids birthdays. Nicholas' birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. So, what better way to celebrate than with lots of food, friends, and Nana! And Mackenzie's birthday was this past Sunday, on the 29th. Yes, our kids birthdays ARE very close together! And it onl get's better. Madison's birthday is a month after Mackenzie's, just 4 days after Christmas! But, anyways...

Being in the military, and not being able to go home to family and celebrate the holidays, we usually celebrate here with friend's who also aren't able to go back and be with their families. So, we hosted Thanksgiving again this year with a few of our good friends! Jamie, Cameron, and their lil girl Sophia came over. Sophia is just a few months older than Maddy! She is a little peanut (Maddy is huge compared to her!), but she can hold her own!!! (which is great because Maddy can be a brute!!). Sarah, Aaron, and Kirstin also came over! It was a great afternoon with lots of food!!! Everyone chipped in and brought something!

After we all stuffed our bellies with yummy food, the kids got to open up their gifts! Wow, did they tear in to them! They were both spoiled, by family and friends!!! They love all of their new toys and clothes! It was a long day of eating and playing, and by the end of it... we were ALL beat! Bed time could not come soon enough!

The next day we got up and went to the Norton Art Gallery. We took some pictures of the kids and Nana! As well as a few of Nana and Daddy! We also went inside the gallery for the first time. I have been doing portrait sessions their for the last 2 years and never once went inside! It certainly wasn't what we expected, but the kids definitely enjoyed it! They had a small (and by that I mean itty bitty teeny tiny) children's section. The kids had fun running around and playing on all 5 sculptures that were in there.

Saturday was the day Nana had to fly back home to NY. Everyone was sad that her trip was over. BUT, we will see her in just a few weeks! We are definitely looking forward to going home! So, we said our goodbyes, the kids shed their tears, and Nana got on the plane.

So, now, the next few weeks are going to be crazy planning our trip. I wish it was as easy as flying. But, flying costs LOTS of money (which, well.. we do not have! Talking like $3,000!!!!!) The plus side of not flying but driving, is that we get to make lots of stops if we want! And we get to see some friends and family that we would otherwise not get a chance to see! So, it definitely takes {MUCH} longer, but it is definitely worth it!

So, we will be leaving here on the 18th and getting to my good friend Melly's house late that night! And we will be spending that night, the WHOLE next day and night, and then leaving the morning after. I am stoked!!!! After we leave Melly's, we will be heading up to TN to see Adam's oldest brother and his family. We won't be there for too long before we head up to NY. And we will be in NY until the 3rd. Then we will be heading back down to TN and spending some time there.

We are going to be super busy while up in NY. We will have Christmas, Maddybugs FIRST birthday!!!, a trip to NYC, spending lots of time with family and friends! It will be a busy trip, but we will definitely enjoy it!!! We miss everyone so much! This is the main downfall of being in the military and living so far away from HOME. I must admit, I envy those military members who get orders so close to home. We are a good 24 hour drive from home. If it were 15 or less, it would be so much nicer!!! We would be able to get home a little bit more. {we're still praying for orders out of here!!}

So, it's going to be a busy few weeks. I am hoping to get back on here sometime before we leave so I can make my New Years post. I have a few resolutions I want to make this coming year!!!

Off to speech and OT :)

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Melanie said...

yipppyyyyyyyy i'm stoked! <3 can't wait to see you guys! and if maddy isnt traveling well on the way home from TN you can always stop by here again and take a short "let maddy out of the car" break :)


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