Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seriously, my kids crack me up!!!
Christmas Pics 2009 Christmas Pics 2009 Christmas Pics 2009

We had a Photo Shoot yesterday! My living room was taken over by my "portable studio" {makeshift}. [Don't mind the crappy cell phone quality!]

We had fun though!!! Ok, well, the GIRLS and I had fun. Nicholas, well, he was another story. I did Maddy's pictures earlier in the day. I had to sit around and wait for the Suddenlink guy to come and fix our internet. So, I figured what better way to pass the time than to do what I love most!!! Taking pictures!!! The whole time I was taking Maddy's, Nicholas was BEGGING me to take his pictures!!! In fact, he helped me do some test shots!
Christmas Pics 2009

He begged me... even though he doesn't look happy about it. But then, when it came time for me to do HIS pictures.... well, all I got was a handful of decent shots, but mostly pouts and blurred images of him trying to run. *sigh* can't win. But, I got some! All that matters! More to come!
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