Friday, January 8, 2010

There is just so much to do!

Don't you just love how when you get back from vacation you feel like you need a vacation from that vacation??

Ulgh, seriously! I am BEAT! I am ready to go on another vacation!! How about a cruise?? Anyone wanna send me on a nice long trip?? Just my hubby and I though, no kids!!!! :p

So, despite needing a vacation from the vacation, we really did have a fantastic time! And the thought of coming back home to Louisiana just made me sick. Quite literally actually! I woke up the day we were leaving New York and I had a cough and a sore throat. Apparently Nicholas and Maddy felt the same way. They were all stuffed up!!!

It was so great seeing family again! It was great to finally introduce little miss Madison to everyone back home! Everyone was shocked to see how big she really is! (You could never tell the child ever had weight issues in her first few months of life!) Everyone loved on her and enjoyed her!!! And I loved that! She is such a great baby, and I am so glad that everyone in our family has now met her!

I got myself in to the Dr the day before we left. She wasn't sure what I had, just a terrible cold. So, she loaded me up on some goodies to get me through the trip. And they helped! I was feeling much better within a few days! I also had to make a last minute appointment for Madison before we left. I am talking REALLY last minute. As in, a few hours before we left. The poor girl had a terrible ear infection in her left ear. BUT, you never would have known. I got her in mostly because of the sniffles and a bit of fussing. She was also tugging a bit on her ear, but she does that alot. But, a few days prior the Dr thought her ear was a bit red, so I decided to be on the safe side and bring her back in. Glad I did!!!! And her Dr loaded her up with some goodies for our trip.

You would think that driving for a seriously long time with a baby who has a pretty bad ear infection would be miserable. But Maddybug did FANTASTIC! Like I said, you could never tell that she had an ear infection! She was such a champ! I don't think she fussed more than twice! The first night we only drove 8 hours. Then we stopped in Alabama and spent some time with some great friends. I just wish we could have spent some more time with them.

We arrived at Melly's late Friday night. We stayed up a bit talking and then we went to sleep. Well, we as in everyone except Kyley and Mackenzie. You would think they were two older ladies who hadn't seen each other in FOREVER and had lots of catching up to do!!!!! Ok, so they aren't older, but they are friend's who hadn't seen each other in over a year. 5 and 6 year olds have LOTS to catch up on you know! They were pretty tuckered out the next morning when everyone else was getting up! (almost everyone else!! (; lol ) After a Christmas party that Kyley had, we all ventured out in the cold to a museum that was a bunch of fun! I wish I had more pictures, I think I am going to have to steal some from Mel! But, we had a blast and enjoyed our time, even though I was sick. I think I got everyone else sick though :(

(Melly, Maddy and I (I hate pictures of myself!!!) at Ky's Christmas party!!! Ky was the Photographer!!!)

(the kids in front of a cool screen thing at the museum!)

(All of the kiddo's at the museum!)

*all pics above are from Melly's camera!!! I kinda stole them!! Love you Melly!!!!!!!)

We decided to leave that night and drive through to TN. There was a big snowstorm coming through so we wanted to try and beat it and we wanted sleeping kids for the 6 hour drive. It worked out wonderfully! When we pulled in to my Brother In Law's driveway and the kids woke up, we heard from a little voice in the back seat ".... the ground is white....... SNOW!!!!!! MOMMY!!!! SNOW!!!!! IT SNOWED!!!" To say Mackenzie was excited...... understatement! She was ECSTATIC!!! And she really wanted to play right then! But it was very late (I believe 1 or 2am, I cannot remember!) so we needed to get inside and get to bed!!! But, the very next morning.... yup, my kids (including daddy!!!! ) were outside throwing snowballs!!!

I will have to start a new post for pictures of the kids when they played in the snow in TN and the rest of the trip. I have a bit to do today, so maybe later on I will get a chance to sit down and write out some more!!!!

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