Thursday, December 17, 2009

So much time... so little to do...

Ok, scratch that. Or rather... REVERSE it!!! I have SO much to do. Let me say that again, I have SOOOOO much to do. We are leaving tomorrow on our voyage back home. Home to New York! We haven't been home in over a year and a half. {Thank you kindly military for canceling our last 3 trips!} So, we are very much ready to go! Well, ready emotionally. We NEED a vacation. Physically ready though {as in packed and healthy....} not even close!

I am sicker than a dog! I have been trying to fight off this cold for the past week. But, it just doesn't feel like parting with me. I finally gave in today {or rather, finally had a day with no apts for the kids} and called the Dr to make an apt. So, I go in at 2. I am hoping they give me a REALLY good dose of a serious prescription. Because let me tell you, if I can't get to feeling better, this trip is going to be MISERABLE! And I really don't want to be sick for our vacation. Vacations are supposed to be about relaxing, having fun, enjoying your time. Ok, well.... maybe not so much relaxing. After all, we pretty much need a vacation from our vacation when we get back. {It's stressful trying to squeeze time in for EVERYONE and running around the whole time!} {Maybe next vacation should be a beach trip or something!!} But, we are planning to stop and stay with some great friends in Alabama. And I certainly do not want to pass my germs off to them or there little ones. So, all that to say... I am praying for some good meds!!!

There is going to be so much going on while we are on vacation! I am excited about all of it! But, it is a bit overwhelming when I sit down and think about it. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon and driving 8 hours to our friend's in AL. We are going to hang out there and spend some much needed quality {Mel Mel} time with them! Last time we saw them was over a year and a half ago when they JUST had their little boy!!! We were on our way back home from NY and stopped in on the DAY she had him!!!{You thought I was kidding when I said they JUST had him!}

We are leaving there on Sunday morning and heading up to Tennessee to see my Brother in Law, his wife, and there son. We haven't seen them since the previous mentioned trip either! We will be there for a day or two and then heading up 12 more hours to New York. Once we get there, it's going to be a busy couple of days. Christmas Eve is going to be spent with Adam's side of the family. Christmas Day with my side. The 26th we are spending with Adam's sister and her husband and doing "something". But that is a secret and we aren't allowed to know! lol!!! The 27th is Madison's dedication at Adam's Mother's church. Followed by her FIRST Birthday party at said Church. Then, after we get that all cleaned up and I pull myself together {my LAST baby is turning 1, I think I am allowed to have a mental breakdown and cry while snuggling her till she doesn't want to be snuggled anymore!} we will then be heading an hour away to see a Holiday Trail of Lights with my uncle. And having dinner with him as well! And I do believe some good friends of ours along with their little princess will be joining us for the Holiday Lights! I think things might start to settle down after then. But, it is vacation, it's unpredictable. Plans will be made and time will be squished. Should be interesting!

But, I have so much to do before we leave here tomorrow. I have tons of laundry, a messy house to clean, a dog to pack up and get to a friend's house, suitcases to pack, gifts to wrap, and a Dr's apt to get to. And we leave in just over 24 hours! OY VEY! So, if there is anyone out there willing to lose a little sanity in getting all of this accomplished, I am taking applications now!

Whew, alright. So, I mentioned we are having Madison's FIRST birthday up there {give me just a second while I go and have myself a pitty party ... My itty bitty baby is turning one!!!!! }. I think it was pretty much decided as soon as I found out she was indeed a she, that we were going to have Ladybug... EVERYTHING! Lol! Her bedroom theme is Ladybugs, she has tongs of Ladybug outfits, her nickname is even Maddybug!! hehe!!! So, I think it was of no surprise to anyone when her Birthday party invitations were received and they were.... well, LADYBUG! My MIL and I are going to be making a birthday cake with a Ladybug on it! I have gotten red and black plates, napkins, forks, etc. It should all pull together quite nicely! I am looking forward to it, but I am not :( *sniff sniff*

Madison invite

So to end this really long, random, not really making too much sense post so I can get a move on and get all the previous mentioned "To Do's" DONE.... our Christmas card. Until I post again...

"Wishing you all the gift of faith, the blessing of hope, and the peace of His love at Christmas and always"
Christmas Card

.....Merry Christmas to all of you! Remember the true meaning of the holiday! Not the gifts, not the food, but the birth of our Savior. Have a Blessed, Safe, and Healthy New Year!!!!

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Melanie said...

yay! i can't wait!

Jessica said...

Hope you feel better soon and have a GREAT vacation!

Melanie said...

consider yourself awarded... see my blog!


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