Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I ♥ Faces

I came across a blog post of someone's, and it was for a photo challenge. I love photo challenges!! I used to be more involved in them a while back with another blogging community. But, I kind of fell out of it a bit. So, when I saw this, I thought it was pretty neat!

I Faces “Pets Only” Photo Challenge

And the theme this week was quite perfect actually, given that I JUST took pictures of Ladybug the day before yesterday! And let me tell you, this dog is NOT easy to take pictures of. But, for some reason this day, she decided to be nice. And sit still. And LISTEN!!! I was very pleased!!! I even gave her some treats!!!! She did fantastic! My intentions actually were not to photograph the dog. I had a family session and they wanted their pictures in front of our tree! So, before they got there I was setting up and I needed to test my lighting. All 3 of my usual subjects were down for naps at the moment. And well, my husband isn't one for standing there and letting me take picture after picture while I tweak my settings. The dog isn't one for it either, but that day, she had a change of heart!


I don't have many pictures of Ladybug. She is a huge part of the family though. Even if I may get annoyed with her, and the endless shedding drives me mad. She is PHENOMENAL with the kids! And we seriously could not find a better dog. Madison climbs all over her, swats at her, pulls her fur, and Lady just takes it. She sits there and gives Maddy kisses while she is being tortured!!! If THAT is not a good dog... then I don't know what is!!!

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Elle said...

super cute!

Christopher And Tia said...

Ok Seriously, I've wanted to comment on your blog 100 or more times, but could never find the "Leave comment" button. Did you know that it shows up on the page as white, and doesn't light up until you hover over it with the mouse? ...well I finally found it!!

Cute picture!! I'm a cat person, myself, but I love puppy with the antlers!

Kimberly Sebastian Photography said...

YAY!!! Its a doogie-deer!!! I have the same antlers for my chocolate lab...and he gives me that same expression "k mom hurry up my friends might see me like this". Very precious!!

Linds said...

cute! I do this to my poor dog too-- they sure are champs putting up with all of our dressing up doggy ways :)


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