Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life...Love... Happiness :)


So, I think I have been consumed by my new LOVE long enough! I think it is about time I update! I mean, I HAVE had it for over a week now!!! And I have already ordered and received a new lens for it :D The 24-105mm I love it!!!


Seriously!!! What a beauty!!!![pay no attention to the crappy quality of my cell phone pic. I had the resolution way down!] But, anyway... enough about my new toy! {for now anyway!!} Let's move on to other things!

How bout some updates on my little lovebugs!

Happy {Valentine's} Feet!

They are each doing pretty well!!!!


Mackenzie has been doing alright in school. She had some rough days last week, but this week has been much better! She is VERY excited about her Valentine's party on Friday! She keeps talking about it. But, there is someone else who is doing a lot of talking about Friday. That would be the weatherman. He's been talking about snow. And even the thought of snow down here in the south requires a school cancellation. So, let's hope he is WRONG! Or I will have one super disappointed 6 year old! We made Valentine's for her classmates, and I think they turned out quite cute! We took ziplocks and filled them with yummy Valentines goodies!!! Then I took 4x7 photocards (that I had printed AND shipped for FREE from!

Class Valentine's

So, hopefully school isn't canceled and she gets to hand them out!

Her adult teeth are coming in fast. It is so.... different seeing her smile now. It is not her baby smile anymore. It is like a completely different smile. One of them is coming in twisted. The dentist is telling us she will definitely need braces. So, we will deal with that when the time comes.


On to Nicholas. Ah, my little grump! He is a sweetheart!! He really is. But his grumpiness lately! WOAH! I thought for sure he would have outgrown it, not gotten worse. But, I still love the boy! Even though he drives me nuts at times!!! But, he is doing fantastic with speech and OT! We are still working on counting and his ABC's. He gets pretty frustrated with them. But, we just keep trying to make it fun. We count A LOT of things! He usually skips 4 and goes right to 5 or sometimes even 6. He just doesn't like 4 I guess!! But, we are still working on it. And he will get there eventually. I am really proud at how far he has come with his speech! We are understanding so much more! It is still a bit difficult at times. Like when he is SUPER excited or when he is really frustrated. But we are working on that as well!

_MG_7780 faded

And last but not least, Maddybug. Oh sweet, precious, little DIVA, Maddybug! Gosh this little girl is giving me a run for the money! I wish I had a more recent picture of her {I know, this one is only a few weeks old}, but she seriously DOES NOT SIT STILL! She is a monkey!!! All over the place!! Crawling as fast as she can and climbing on EVERYTHING!! And she is such a little Diva already! She has gotten her 'tude from her sister! And honestly, it is SO hard not to giggle a little when she is in a ... "Diva" moment! I try not to, but I fail. It is so cute! Haha! But, she is still such a sweetie!! She is my lil snugglebug! Boy does she love being glued to momma! She has been super clingy the past few weeks. She hasn't been sleeping well at all either. Well, she wasn't. But, we decided to give the little princess a pillow. And WOW! What an amazing difference! She sleeps SO much better now! She has started "spitting up" again. So, I had her back in to the Dr today. Her reflux is back full swing :( She is back on Zantac for now. We will see if that works this time (It hasn't in the past, but the Dr wants to see if now that she is bigger if it will work now) Otherwise, we will be going back to Prevacid. So, we are back to trying to find the right meds. Fun!

Otherwise, she is doing fantastic! {despite the little diva tantrums that is!} She is still being a bit stubborn with walking. She will stand up in the middle of the room without holding on to anything {got that on video tonight!!!} and she will take a few steps every now and then! But, that's about it besides the furniture cruising. I am sure she will start walking soon! The other two were early walkers! Nicholas was walking at 10 months and Mackenzie at 11 months! Maddy is 13 months. So, hopefully she will pick it up soon! She is just really unbalanced at the moment.

So, life is going well. We are in the middle of trying to figure out where we are going to live in 2 months. Housing here is renovating all of the historic houses {Yeah, we live in one!}. So, they are moving everyone to different houses. Only, they want to put us BACK on the East side of the base. The part of the base that is forever and a day away. The part of the base that is in the middle of nowhere and is a TRIP to go anywhere. The part of the base that we lived on for FOUR years! The part of the base that I DO NOT WANT TO MOVE BACK TO!! But, it looks like we may not have much of a choice. We are looking off base to see if we can find a place to rent. But, it isn't looking good. No one wants to accept a black lab that sheds like crazy :(. So, we may just have to go back to the East Side. Unless a miracle happens and a 4 bedroom compatible house opens on main base! I would cry tears of joy! So, all of this is in the air for now and it is a bit stressful.

But, my life is great! I have my hubby and kids and we are healthy and well!!!! That's all that matters :)

I have been playing with my new camera as much as I can!!! And I LOVE it! I am seriously so glad I bought it!!!

I love flowers!!! LOL!!! Adam bought me these a few weeks ago!!! The water dried up in the vase and the flowers dried just like this!! I still have them!!! hehe!

Alright. I think I am done! I know this post was just a bunch of randomness! But, that is my life!! haha!!! I am going to post my {too late} entry for I <3>Faces soon. I missed the deadline, but I really love the pic!
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