Thursday, February 11, 2010

We *heart* kisses!

Yeah, I totally missed the deadline for the I Heart Faces "We Heart Kisses" Photo Challenge. I just couldn't get to it before the deadline. But I had this image in my head. And I wanted to get it from my head, to the camera, to my computer! And know I wanted this picture of Mackenzie!!! The image in my head was perfect! The result... well, it's not exactly what I had in my head, but I really think it turned out great!! I am very happy with it!!! So, here it is. My entry that was too late to be an entry!!!

He's no Prince Charming...

Click on it to see it bigger!!! I think it looks better bigger!!!

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Christopher And Tia said...

When I showed this picture to Eleanore, she asked "whats she kissing?", and I replied "a frog". After staring at it silently for all of 3 seconds, she then says "what HE gonna turn back into?". Aww. A prince of course!

L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
That's one cute photo! Just wanted to let you know you *just might* want to swing by my blog this morning ;)
best wishes,


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