Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Post! Finally!!!

I am really terrible about this blogging thing. I seriously used to be so much better at it!

There really isn't anything new to update on! Valentine's Day was great!!! We spent the day as a family! We went shopping and got each of us our VDay gifts! LOL!! Yes, we waited until the last minute! haha!!! Adam bought me some gorgeous Roses!! I love me some roses!!

flower SB

We bought each of the kids a Valentine "pet" as they call them! Lol!!! {stuffed animals, not real pets! They would have had a field day with THAT!} I bought Adam a BluRay movie he has been wanting. We hit up Buffalo Wild Wings to grab some dinner to bring home before the Valentine's masses took over. And we went home and spent the evening there! We watched some Veggie Tales, had dinner, then made chocolate covered strawberries and banana's for dessert! They were delicious!

strawberry SB

So, we had a great V-day! The past week has been fairly busy! I feel like we have been non-stop busy! Today was a bit of a down day. For now anyway. I need to get these kiddo's fed and down for naps. Then I have some things to do before I get ready to leave. Little Miss Maddybug is having the tubes taken out of her left eye today. I am a bit nervous about it. She was under anesthesia when they put them in, but having them taken out, she will be fully awake. And I have to say, I am NOT looking forward to it. I know I am going to have to hold her down while she is screaming and reaching for any way possible to get out of my grip. And that breaks my heart. But, the tubes need to come out so we can see if they did their job.

Hopefully the procedure worked and she won't need another set. Only time will tell. We are hoping that there will be no more eye infections or clogged ducts.

So, off I go. The kiddo's will be having an early lunch. And then off for naps!

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Mandi said...

Aww, what a great Valentine's Day! Those roses are gorgeous (and the strawberries?? drool.....)

So glad to read (on FB) that Maddy's procedure went well!!


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