Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sickness stinks.

Over the past few years, the late fall in to early spring has been the roughest part of the year. My kids were ALWAYS sick. They had TERRIBLE coughs, runny noses, watery eye's, sore throats, you name it. It seemed that we just couldn't catch a break. I was so so sooo tired of it. But, there was really not much to be done. Both of my kids {at that time, there were just 2!} were both on Flovent and Albuterol for a good chunk of the year. I was told they have seasonal Asthma. O.k.? Never heard of seasonal Asthma, but we tried the routine for a while. The meds just didn't seem to do too much. Then we moved. We moved from the boonies { alllll the way out on the other side of the base on the east reservation. it was a hike!} down to main base. And magically, my kids weren't so sick anymore! I was thrilled. We stopped doing the breathing treatments with Nicholas and with MAckenzie, we only had to use them rarely. Last winter was pretty low key as far as sickness for them! Which was nice, since Miss Maddy made her appearance late December!

So, this winter now has been pretty calm as well! I was beginning to think our luck had changed! We only had one major bout of sickness, H1N1. We got through that and everyone was healthy for a while! Well, Nicholas seems to have a chronic runny nose. But, I think that is just a part of being 4. The kid's nose is ALWAYS running!!!

But then all of a sudden over the past few weeks we have been SLAMMED!!! With stomach bugs! Ulgh! Not fun! Mackenzie has been hit the worst with them. Poor kid is on her third one in about a month. She passed it on to Nicholas and then me. Though, I am starting to think mine has subsided and I am now having some gallbladder issues. Not too sure on that part yet. Hubby and my good friend Melly think that is where all my symptoms are pointing. I hope not! But, I may make a dr apt today or tomorrow just to see what is going on.

On top of this stomach bug, Mackenzie has been having issues with her asthma. It has been determined that she has more than just seasonal asthma. And it has been getting worse. She has been complaining about her chest not letting her breath. She has a really rough sounding short, hard cough. It sounds so painful. It gets so much wore after she has been playing. So, we have been right on top of her breathing treatments and she is also on Singulair now.


The girl is full of energy though. There is no keeping her from running, jumping, and playing. So, we just deal with it as it comes. I can't hold her back from being a kid. We just need to stay on top of all of the meds. Not fun, but if it keeps her healthy{er}.


Over the weekend she got hit pretty hard with that stomach bug. That's all I thought it was until she started complaining more and more of her sore throat. Then it got to the point where she was crying non stop about it. Not just when she would cough. So, I had my own diagnosis in my head. But, we went to the Dr to see what was up. And sure enough my diagnosis was right on. Strep Throat. Lovely! We had never actually dealt with strep before. But, I had a feeling it was that because it seems to be running around like wild fire here!! So, we were sent home with antibiotics and out of school for the day. She was on the tail end of it, so the antibiotics kicked it quickly. She still has a few more days on the antibiotic though.

So, hopefully this is it for the winter. Sickness, you can leave us for the rest of the year. You have definitely stayed too long! We won't miss you!!! Try not to come back for a while, ok?? In fact, don't feel the need to EVER come back!!! That would make for a VERY happy momma!!!!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh strep is the worst. One winter I had it 3 times. So awful.

And boooooooo gallbladder problems. I've had them ever since I had Eleanore. I know my triggers, and I have to stay away from those, because eating it is pretty much pointless.

Hope everyone starts feeling better :) And STAYS feeling better.


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