Thursday, March 4, 2010

EEEEEK!!!! It's been a week!!! (hehe! I am a poet and didn't even know it!!)

Ok, all cheesiness aside! It's been a week! ACK! Didn't mean to go so long without posting. Woah have we been knocked back with sickness! ICK! Not fun! But, we seem to be on the mend! Woo hoo!! Madison ended up picking up strep from her older sister! Isn't it lovely how they share NOTHING but germs! So sweet! She also had an ear infection in her left ear. She was miserable, but she was determined to make the best of it! I tell you, this little precious girl is always so happy! Even when she isn't feeling well or is in pain! Such an amazing little girl!


With her being sick, her reflux has been acting up something fierce. But, you could never tell it has been bothering her. Don't get me wrong, she DEFINITELY has her grumpy moments. But, they are far and few between. So, she has been on Amoxicillan along side her big sister, for the past few days! She is already on the mend and doing MUCH better! YAY!

My pain issues, hmmmm. Not so sure what they were. From everyone whom I have talked to, and my own gut feeling, I do believe it was a gallbladder attack. Though, I cannot be 100% since I have never experienced it before. BUT, I do know it wasn't HEARTBURN! Yeah, I ended up in the ER when I couldn't take the pain anymore Thursday evening. It was the worse ER experience I have ever had. First the nurse. Oh the nurse :( I have absolutely terrible veins. They are small and they ROLL! I warned her in advance but she was very cocky. She assured me she would get it first shot. Well, she did mangage to get the vein, but she busted it. And then she dropped everything (while it was still attatched to my arm, OOOOWWWW!!!) and proceeded to say "CRAP! You jinxed me" in a night so nice manor. Usually, nurses appreciate when I warn them about my terrible veins. It cautions them to look for a few extra seconds before deciding on the right vein. Not this nurse. She punctured the first vein she came accross. Both spots she poked me are now severely bruised. And the ER Dr, ulgh! He was in such a rush to get all of his patients out, he didn't do anything other than a urinalysis and some bloodwork. He assured me when we first got there that he was going to do an XRay so he didn't miss anything. Yeah, he skipped that. Told me I had some heartburn and left the room. He went in to each room and told each patient the same rehearsed speech "I'm going to get you a 'script and get you out of here" (yeah, we heard him in each room). Granted, I wasn't as bad off as some of the other patients there. But I was TICKED! And it got even worse. As Adam and I were walking out of the room baffled by everything that just took place, the ER Dr was pretty much skipping down the hallway. I kid you not, he said to Adam in passing "Race ya to the car!!!!". And sure enough, he beat us to the car. I was still in pain, I was still sooo nauseaus. But I was appalled and furious at what the past 5 hours of our lives had just entailed. I just didn't know what else to do. So, we just left. I tolerated the pain for the next few days. Luckily, by Sunday the pain had started to subside. So, I am still left wondering what the deal was. I KNOW that it was not heartburn. I have experience INTENSE heartburn. Especially while pregnant with Madison. NOTHING I described to that Dr sounded anything like heart burn. There was no BURN to what I felt at all. It was PAIN. So, hopefully the pain doesn't come back. I have been drinking lots and lots of water trying to flush my body of whatever may have been causing the issue.

So, I was pretty much useless those few days. But, I have THE most amazing husband ever! (ok, so yeah, we ALL say that. But I am FOR REAL!! I really do!!! hehe!!) Adam picked up my slack! He cooked, he cleaned, he took care of me! After long days at work, he came home and took care of dinner and cleaning! He even did some laundry! God TRULY blessed my life when he put that man in it! I couldn't ask for anyone better!

So, while I was confined to my bed or the couch while in pain, I used the time, in between pain spasms, wisely. I started to get on the ball with my photography business. I have been doing sessions here and there. But I have been slacking with my website and my documents and such. So, I have been working on my welcome packet a lot! And I also created a blog just for my Photography!

Just For kicks blog header-2

Yes, it is still a work in process. I need to get on the ball with more sessions so I have more to post. I am finally easing back in to it since the nicer weather is coming. I stopped doing studio sessions, except newborns, so the nicer weather is bringing along my backdrops and such! I am excited to get things going! I have some pretty awesome locations and I am going out scouting some more this weekend! A friend who is from this area has told me of some pretty neat spots. So, I am excited to check them out!

And as well as the blog, I have also updated my Facebook Fanpage! I never really thought too much of the fan page. Once I created it, I kind of left it at that. Of course, all of my friends joined and forgot about it once I forgot. But, I picked it back up the night before last, and since then I have learned 22 new fans joined! Sweet! I didn't really think Facebook would really be such a key to getting new clientele, but wow, I should have thought THAT one over again! So, even if you aren't in the area, please, join my fan page!!!! I hear Social Networking is great for advertising :) Thanks!!!

Ok, so that about sums up our week! Lol!!! And here I will leave you with one last picture of my sweet lil Maddybug!!! When she was just starting to feel better!


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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh gosh, I feel for you in the gallbladder department. I've been fighting with mine ever since I had my first, and now here we are, working on baby #3, and the dang thing still hasn't been taken out. I do know my triggers though, and if I avoid those foods, I'm usually alright. I hope you don't have anymore awful attacks like that, they are THE WORST. Heartburn, pfffft, what an awful Doctor. Maybe he was late for a hot date.

Jewllori by Lori said...

Man you guys can't catch a break it seems with illness! Maddy is a doll, it would be great if her and Evan could play!

and I think I'm a fan on facebook, just have to go look now!


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