Friday, March 19, 2010

What a week!

It's been a bit of a rough week.  Mackenzie's asthma has been acting up pretty bad. We have been doing everything to try and keep it under control. She gets 2 breathing treatments in the morning (Flovent and Albuteral) and she gets the same two at night as well as a chewable Singulair tablet. Lately we have been doing more albuteral treatments through out the day since she has been having more coughing fits. But, keeping on top of everything EXACTLY as we should, still hasn't kept away the big attacks. (Not horrible, but bigger than the norm) The past few nights have been miserable. Mackenzie has been coughing so hard. Even after all of her medicine. She cannot sleep at night and gets in to such bad coughing fits that it is hard to catch her breath. So, I decided to get her in to the Dr yesterday. This was a new Dr that we haven't seen before. And I actually really liked him. He was very nice and seemed to know what he was talking about (a lot of Dr's here... don't) He said Mackenzie was having an Asthma Exacerbation. Basically, she was having an asthma attack that she just couldn't kick. So, she is now on Day 2 of a 5 day treatment that will hopefully kick it. I hope.

I would hate for her to be so miserable while her "Mom" (my mom, she used to call her bobo, but she started calling her mom when she realized that I call her mom! lol!) and Papa will be here! They are leaving New York tomorrow morning and heading this way! Only, Mackenzie has no idea. None of the kids do! And they will be STOKED when my parents get here Sunday afternoon! Mackenzie has {REALLY} been missing them lately.

On top of Mackenzie's Asthma issues going on, Madison has picked up a virus somewhere. She was perfectly fine yesterday, most of the day! She was playing with her buddy Sophia and just having a great time! Then, just before Sophia's mommy came to pick her up (we were watching Sophie for the day while her my friend Jamie worked!), Maddy sat down next to me on the floor and just gave me a pitiful look. The next thing I knew she was projectile vomiting. She had the saddest look on her face. Like she just didn't know what to do. The poor girl is used to getting sick. She has had Reflux her whole 14 months of life. But the child has never thrown up like this before... ever. It came as  a huge shock as she was acting normal all day. But then the scariest thought hit me. The day before we were at the park. And while at the park, my little girl who loves to eat, thought she would give rocks a go round for taste. At that moment, my mind went racing a few weeks back to a show I had seen on the Discovery Channel. Only in that instance, the baby ate a sequin. I was freaking out a bit and going over my worries with Adam. But, she was acting fine. She wasn't having difficulty breathing. And kids swallow things, right? So, I let it be. I didn't think about it again until I was cleaning Madison in the bathtub. My baby swallowed a rock. Now she is throwing up!!! Coincidence?? Or related?? I had no idea. But I was seriously paranoid. The rest of the night and into this morning she couldn't hold anything down. And that rock was sitting on my brain. So, I panicked. I called the Dr. They had no apts available but wanted her to be seen to rule anything out. So, they sent us off to urgent care. Madison got sick in the car on our way there. And she also got sick in the hallway at the Urgent Care Center. Ulgh, talk about getting nasty looks from fancy shmancy sales reps! It almost landed on her shoes! (Pardon me, but you were sitting RIGHT at the door where many sick people enter the building. Smarty pants!) After waiting over an hour in the waiting room, we got called back in to a room. Only to wait for another hour for the Dr. I got a bit annoyed. Madison was very uncomfy and just not feeling well. So, I went out and asked a nurse when the Dr would see us. "Well Ma'am, the Dr is on the other side of the building with his patients... who actually had appointments." EXCUSE ME?! Seriously??? I TRIED to get my child an appointment. And since there were none available I did the NEXT best thing, or so I thought. I wasn't going to wait until the next available appointment. I needed my daughter to be seen. So I brought her to the URGENT CARE CENTER. Where. for your information Miss Nurse, NO ONE has appointments. Ulgh. I was not happy at that point. But, the Dr did come in about 15 minutes later. Did a quick exam on Maddybug. She didn't cry or flinch while he was examining her tummy. And he said he thinks it is just a virus. Just to keep an eye on her and keep her on a bland diet. No XRays or anything. He said he thinks it is just a coincidence that the virus was a day after swallowing a rock. My mind is still not 100% at ease. So, I am paying close attention to Maddybug. She has a slight fever, but she has been holding down gatorade for most of the day. She won't touch any food though :( She hasn't eaten anything solid in over 24 hours. She has been very quiet and just wants to cuddle and lay down. Not like my little Maddy at all. I miss the Maddy giggles and happy shrieking we here in the house every night when she runs around with her brother and sister. Hopefully she is feeling better by tomorrow.

I hate to complain. I really do. But I know I do it. A LOT. I try not to. Because I know there are so many people out there who have it far worse than us. And we don't even have "it" bad really. Life is great. And we are blessed beyond what I had ever imagined. God has been so good to our family. And I should be so much more thankful. I just really hate seeing my kids sick all the time.

On a positive note. The weather has been AMAZING! So, I took the older two to Walmart the other day and let them pick out some bubbles! They each picked out the new Bubble 3D things that we keep seeing on TV. They have these cool glasses that the kids have been loving! 

The glasses turn sun reflections in to 3D objects. Mackenzie's turn them in to butterfly's, and Nicholas' are lightening bolts. They were loving them! So, here are a few pictures from our bubble fun!

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