Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hooray for Easter Candy!!!

Ok, or not...

So, obviously stress has taken over and I have gone running to the kids Easter baskets to sneak in some {much needed} CHOCOLATE!!! Sue me!

For the past few days I have been trying my hardest to put my feelings, my crazy emotional... emotions, in to words. But, I just can't. I have so much running around up there. But, nothing seems to make sense when I type it all out. Does that happen to you? Does it make sense??

It's gotten to the point where when I think about getting all of my thoughts out on here and I reread it, I just delete it because it doesn't make any sense and I try again. So, I am taking a break from trying...

Instead, a recap!

My parents came down on the 20th of March and left on the 27th. The time always goes by so fast. This time however, it slowed down a bit. I am sure it is because of the nasty bug that infested our house. I know I blogged about Maddy getting the bug. And then Nicholas was overcome with it. And then it made its way to me. Well, two days later it attacked Adam AND my dad at the same time. They were both miserable. Luckily Adam's supervisor on his day shift is very understanding and he let Adam stay home without having to go to the hospital and be put on quarters.


Aside from being taken over with the BUG, the visit with my parents was very nice! My kids were thrilled to have Mom and Papa here! We went for a few walks and bike rides. I really didn't pick up my camera too much. Besides being sick and being in bed most of that time, when I was healthy, I just didn't want to lug it around and not enjoy the fun with my kids!!! But, I did manage a few shots here and there :)

I kept Mackenzie home from school one day. Their spring break didn't match up with my mom's spring break. So, I just pulled her out one day so she could spend a whole day with my parents! The day I surprised her and let her stay home, was apparently a pretty important day. They were planting seeds that day. I was going to let Mackenzie sleep in, but I was awoken to whimpering at 7am. I went in her room and she started bawling about missing out on planting seeds. I felt terrible. Here, I just wanted to surprise her, but it backfired. So, we planted our own seeds! And she had a blast!

First we went to Chuck E Cheese for a few hours! It is a tradition to go with my parents! The kids always have a blast! And Maddybug was able to enjoy it this time around! Of course, I was in on the fun and didn't take my camera! But, I did get this :) Boy was that an experience trying to get them to sit still for it!! haha!!! I got some pics of each of them alone in the booth. HAHA!!! I will have to scan them some other time.

After we played hard at CEC, we went to Chick Fil A for lunch. My parents first time! They enjoyed it actually! Then the kids played for a bit more and we went to Lowe's to get what we needed for planting!



IMG_9258IMG_9275 copy

IMG_9272 copyIMG_9271 copy

We had a visitor while planting... Our neighbor's cat came to hang out with us!

IMG_9279 copy

After the planting came the figuring out of how to hang the planter on our railing. My mom and the kids were at it for a while trying to figure it out!


They eventually figured it out :)


Then it was time to release some energy on the trampoline!

IMG_9300 copyIMG_9298 copy

IMG_9304 copy

After a fun filled day of CEC, CFA, Lowe's, and planting.. we had dinner and then made some Oooey Gooey Goo to play with!!! The kids (yes, even my husband!) LOVED it!




Maddy was fascinated with it too!


So, of course, the next morning the kids got up thinking the flowers would have grown overnight! I had to explain to them that, yes, the flowers DID grow overnight. But, not enough to where we could see the difference. I told them it would take a few weeks for us to see them grow! And after 2 weeks of waiting, watering, and checking everyday.. our flowers are growing :)



I need to go finish up dinner now. But I have a lot more pictures to share! Unfortunately no more from while my parents were here. But plenty of the kids washing the car with daddy, playing outside, and playing in the sprinkler. Yes, it is April and we already got out the sprinkler! Well, a new sprinkler! 

More to come!

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