Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pollen, allergies & stomach bugs, Oh My!

Oh boy has the pollen been INSANE here!!! My once silver mommy van now has a layer of yellowish0green dust on it. And Adam's once black pick up truck, well, let's just say it looks even worse than it did before! (Older truck that he just uses to and from work) The pollen is just out of control here! Which is not good for myself OR my kiddos.

I usually complain about "how much like their daddy" my kids are. Ok, so not complain about it. But sometimes I wish they resembled me a bit more! {hey, I carried them for 9 months!} Unfortunately, the saying is true, "Be careful what you wish for!". My kids have momma's allergies. And WOW are they miserable this year! Poor Nicholas has gotten several nose bleeds, just from playing outside! And the BOY loves to play outside. So, there is no keeping him indoors to avoid all of the nastiness taking over the air. And Maddybug, sweet little Maddybug's eye's puff up to 2X their normal size when she is outside for just a few minutes!!! And they pour tears when she is as happy as can be. So, they are both on Singulair now. In fact, all three of them are on it. Mackenzie has been on it as part of her Asthma medication routine. And it has helped her tremendously. So, I guess i can say, Yes now. Yes, my kids ARE like me!

With the pollen being so bad and covering our cars up, Adam decided to round up the kids and give the cars a bath! They sure had a lot of fun hosing "Zero" off!! [ Zero is the name that Mackenzie bestowed upon the minivan the day we bought it.. just for future reference ;) ] Madison was a little leery of the water splashing off the van and hitting her, but she still had a blast! She was running around the car yelling at the water!!! Mackenzie and Nicholas were having too much fun with holding the hose and getting all the soap off the car! It really made for a great afternoon! I think we may need to wash the cars more often!!!



Nicholas was having fun with daddy helping him. But the boy was ITCHING to hold that hose by himself!!!

I know i know. AGAIN with the Ladybugs!! But they just fit Maddybug SO WELL!!! This is almost the same suit as last year. But, I just fell in love with it again!!! hehe!!! And look at those lil chunky baby rolls!!! I just want to pinch!!! Hehe!!

IMG_9528IMG_9526 copy

The older two each got a chance to help daddy witht he hose. Maddy wanted to get involved too. But, once the water started back splashing off the van... she got out of there!!!

IMG_9504 copyIMG_9517 copy

I don't think she was all that happy about getting wet. But she got over it quickly!

IMG_9533 copyIMG_9516 copy

Nicholas was having too much fun!


And then he finally got his chance to handle the hose alone! I think he was proud of his work!


Ok. Now what??

IMG_9514 copy

Sprinkler time!!!! Mackenzie had a blast!!!


Nicholas had a blast!!!


Madison preferred to watch from a distance!!!


Oh, and the stomach bug found it's way back after two weeks :( Nicholas had it for FOUR days last week. I actually had to bring him to the Children's Hospital Friday night to get loaded up on fluids. The poor boy was miserable. But, he is 100% now. Couldn't even tell he was sick! Yesterday was daddy's birthday and we had a fantastic day! So, hopefully the bug is G-O-N-E!

Until next time :) I have some pictures from a mini shoot I did with Mackenzie :)
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Christopher And Tia said...

YAY for van washing adventures with the whole family!! We like to get together and play in the soapy water and hose too :)

Booooo for pollen. I don't even want to imagine the thick layer of yellow that you speak of, it sounds just terrible.


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