Monday, April 12, 2010

I Heart Desserts

This week’s photo challenge theme on I Heart Faces is: “I Heart Desserts”

Seriously?!?! After a week filled with Easter candy binges and birthday cake. Ulgh, my scale is NOT going to have ANYTHING nice to say to me over the next few weeks! I better add in a few more walks here and there! Looking over these delicious pictures has left me feeling hungry!!!!

Part of my 6 year old daughter's homework is to cut out pictures that start with the current letter of the week. As she was going through magazines and while I was making dinner, she came across an add for Cupcake Pebble Treats. She BEGGED me to make some. So, we headed to the store got the few ingredients we needed, and we went to work! They were actually better than I thought they would be!

So, here they are... I will have to add another post with more pictures of the yuminess!!!

{click for bigger image}
Go check out some more of the yumminess... but I suggest having a full belly before you do it!

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Erica Lea said...

Oh, they are adorable! It's so nice that you take time to cook with your little girl. Yes, looking through all of the delicious desserts is very tempting.

krista lucas photography said...

i love how you shot this!! :) the colors are awesome!

krista @

Photos by Wilma said...

Very tasty! Funny how kids make us do things we never would have done otherwise. :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Great colors! So are they kind of like rice krispy treats?!?

Mrs. Bird said...

Great shot! I want to eat them!

Anya Coleman said...

Nice photo!Yummy.

Alli Mc said...

Those look delicious and I love the colors and sprinkles! Beautiful photo too!

Laura said...

I love the dainty little hearts!
Great photo :)

Donna said...

Wow! I love how that center cupcake just pops! Yummy and lovely!!


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