Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Internet issues... and some pictures :)

Last week we had a WICKED thunderstorm! ( We had another one yesterday!! But, that isn't the thunderstorm I want to talk about right now) This storm was pretty crazy. Not like hail, or damaging winds or anything. It was CRAZY LOUD!!! I had turned off the computers and we were all sitting in the living room just hanging out and waiting for the storm to pass over. And then WHAM!!!!!!!!! A big crack of lightning. Like, right outside the house. I mean RIGHT. outside. the house. We all jumped out of our skin! Adam even went outside to walk around and see if there was any damage!!! It was crazy!!!!

And that is when it all started. The internet issues that is. My internet connection has been insanely slow for the last week. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I called the cable/internet company and they are sending out a tech tomorrow. Hopefully they get it taken care of. I can barely play Bejeweled... or upload pictures!!! It takes HOURS to upload pictures!!!!

But, I waited for a long time today. And I didn't do anything else on here. But upload pictures!!! Of Mackenzie's photoshoot the other day!  So, I am going to stop writing and start posting pictures :) I'll continue with our Vacation pictures soon. But, I wanted to put a lil something in between! Enjoy!!!

We first started out going around downtown Shreveport...

I just love this wall!!! I have used it before! And it never gets old!




Seriously?? My 6 year old is trying to be a teenage MODEL!!!


Then we moved on to find a few nice spots under the Texas Street Bridge!





We were driving around and found this really nice wall by the bus station!


Once we got tired of Downtown Shreveport, we moved on to the R.W. Norton Art Gallery.

She was getting a bit bored....



So, she was trying to keep herself entertained!!! LOL!


There was definitely some amazing light that afternoon!!!




And my absolute FAVORITE shot of the afternoon!!!!


I may be a bit biased.. but I think my 6 year old is STUNNING!!! Funny faces and all!!!
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Robin said...

Hey! I am visiting from Jenna's Journey!

You photos are amazing and your family is beautiful!

Robin :o) aka: Alabama Slacker Mama

Laura said...

You are very talented!!!! Great picture, and cute kid!!!

*visiting from Jenna's :)

Vanessa said...

These are some fabulous ideas for pictures! I may have to hop in my car and see just what we have in my own town! That last pic is to die for!

**Stopping by from Jenna's

Our Family said...

Stopping by from Jenna's bloghop. I love your site and totally agree that your 6 yr. old is stunning. Nice to "meet" you! Lana :)

Janelle said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I wish I could take pictures like that!


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