Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation ( part 2)

We really didn't do a whole lot on Sunday. May 30th. We chilled out and had a BBQ. But, we also got in some family pictures! It wasn't easy with such a large group of people! But, we managed to get a few after I convinced everyone to take off the sun glasses :)

The Craig Family

Amanda and Dave had to leave the next morning. So, The TN Craig Clan, The LA Craig Clan, and Nana made a trip to Gatlinburn TN. We made plans to go to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies! We were seriously glad we did!!! it was a great aquarium and they had a PHENOMENAL military discount! Seriously, when they told us how much our admission was, our jaws hit the floor! It is so nice that places like this offer discounts for military families!!! We definitely appreciate it! 

We had an awesome time at the aquarium! The kids loved it! And the adults loved it too!!!

After the aquarium, we walked around Gatlinburg a bit. Next time we go, I think we will have to make it more than a one day trip! There is so much to do there!!! We had dinner at a BBQ place and then we headed home! It was a long day! But we had a blast!

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