Sunday, August 29, 2010


So, we are all moved in and it is feeling more and more like home. Except, everything is backwards and we still have boxes all over the place. But, home... yeah, home. The house we live in now is pretty much the same as the last house we were in on base. It is a Historic House with a reverse layout from our last house. Yeah, it gets a bit confusing from time to time. 

We have been super busy trying to get this house unpacked! It's... going. We have all the big stuff situated. Mainly I just need to get the playroom figured out. The kids have been BEGGING me to get it in order so they can have more room in there. But, I am stumped on how to organize it. We are going hunting for shelving tomorrow. I NEED to have it more organized in there than it was at the last house. It got way too messy, WAY too fast. But, that shouldn't be happening that time. We now have a chore chart in order, so the playroom must be kept clean if the kids want a sticker and computer time. Adam and I decided to give them my old computer. I am going to wipe it clean and install their games on it. Mackenzie has a Barbie game she has been begging to play. 

So, with the "new" computer for them, I had to find a new computer desk for me. So, they could have my caddy-corner one for the playroom. Boy did I luck out. I ran to the BX yesterday. For a lint brush. (I had a newborn shoot, needed to get my fabric backdrops rid of fuzzies from the baby blankies!! LOL) The BX was having a sidewalk sale. I ended up leaving there with a new desk and a computer chair. The price, INCREDIBLE! I got both for a 1/4 of the price they originally were!!!!! INSANE!!!! But, thank God I saved so much on them yesterday. Because today, we had to go out and buy a new dryer. ICK! Didn't get such a great deal on that. But my sales yesterday made up for it!! haha! 

So, anyway! It's been a busy week! I celebrated my 27th birthday on Wednesday. Wow, 27! I remember being 12 wishing I was 21... now here I am well beyond that!!! Honestly though, I don't feel 27, I feel much younger (most days anyway!!!)! So, there is a plus!!! This week we also celebrated another milestone. Miss Maddy is now in a toddler bed! She is doing FANTASTIC in it!!!! She goes right to sleep for nap time, and she stays in bed at night for bed time! When she wakes up, she scoots to the edge and says... "Mama....Maaamaaaa... (a little louder now..) Mama!!! MAAAA MAAAA!!!! (and even louder) MAAA MAAAAAA!!!!" Lol!!! It's too funny!!! She won't get off her bed until I tell her she can get up and play! I was kind of hoping that she WOULD get off her bed when she woke up!!! She has been waking up earlier and earlier lately. and I was hoping with the toddler bed she would get up and play so we could sleep just a tad later. Oh well!! it was worth a shot! 

I love her room!! I got all of her bedding at Target! And the decals as well!!! I still need to get the valances and the canvas and maybe a few more items. But I think it is all coming together nicely!
Seriously, I want to sleep in her room!!! LOL!!!!

Anyway!!! Life has been busy!!!! Between photoshoots and editing, moving, and unpacking, waking up early and getting TWO kids on the bus... I am ready for a REALLY long nap!!! Lol!!!! I know, this post was a little all over the place!!! But that is life as of late!!!

So, I am off here. I will hopefully have some more pictures soon!!!! But I will leave you with a link to my recent photo shoot!!! It was from yesterday with the sweetest baby girl!!!!
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