Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another big gap...

I know, it has been way too long... AGAIN... since I have last blogged. Life has just been so crazy since we moved. We are pretty much finished unpacking (though there are boxes hidden here and there... but when do those EVER get unpacked. I think we moved boxes from our other house that we hadn't unpacked from the move to THAT house.. yeah, seriously!?!?!!)

The house feels like home now! I've been enjoying the bigger kitchen and the nicer bathrooms! Even though I hated the thought of moving JUST because they wanted to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms.... well, I am glad we did {even though we didn't have much choice! ha!} We haven't had too many issues here yet. We have only had housing maintenance out... ohhhh... 4 or 5 times. That's all! Just one small busted A.C. Unit and a front door that wouldn't lock to name a few issues! But, things are finally calming down a bit........

Or are they?!

Adam and I have been going back and forth about what our future holds. We have made some pretty big decisions and we are excited to start the next chapter of our lives! The military has been a huge stepping stone for us. It has helped us to stand on our feet and it has given Adam experience and skills that will benefit his future career choices tremendously! However, this chapter is coming to a close. After Adam's enlistment is up {in 3 1/2 years} we will be moving on to new and exciting things! Though, there are some circumstances that may make this change happen sooner, we will take this as it comes.

I am really excited to be moving back {closer to} home! My kids are such family people. They LOVE our extended family! It breaks my heart that we hardly get to see them. I miss the holidays with all of our cousins! I miss food fights with my uncle! I miss the changing colors and the smell of fall in the air! I miss everything about the north! And I HATE the thought of my kids growing up only seeing family once or twice a year. Being closer to home also means I will really be able to jump start my business! And I am REALLY excited about that!

So, only time will tell when this will all take place. We are hoping sooner rather than later. But, it is all in God's hands! Everything will work out somehow and I think we will be much happier in the long run!

And because I can't leave this post picture-less...



Seriously?!?! She is only 6 and she likes like a pre-teen!!!!!! Make the growing S.T.O.P!!!!
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Libby said... I know what you meant by your post on Facebook the other We've known lots of people who have gotten out in the last 3 years and have moved back to their hometowns. It's not an easy choice, by any means, but they do seem a lot happier :) We've decided to stick it through another 7-10 Hubby is pretty close to we are going full force with it Good luck in all future choices and endeavors ;)


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