Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Because Facebook is not working, therefore not allowing me to check in for the millionth time today...

Because I have been taken over by a Migraine and a stomach bug over the past few days and nothing too interesting has happened... 

Because I have Empanada's baking in the oven making me really nauseous (but my kids keep sniffing and saying Mmm mmm mmm, so I know they must smell good.. stinking stomach bug keeping me from enjoying the yummy smells in the house)

And, just because I fell in love with this set of pictures that I took of the little miss...

I want to share them all! Or well, most of them!

I took Madison outside last week to attempt to get some pictures of her. She has been so difficult to photograph lately, so her pictures haven't been coming as often as I would like. when I was pregnant with her, I swore I take pictures to document how much she changes!!! And then I remembered why I failed with the older two. They are all just WAY too active and HATE sitting still for my camera!!!

But, this day I tried REALLY hard. I just got on her level and followed her all over the place!!! I typically try to do that, but she tries to poke my camera and laugh! So, I usually give up much faster! This time though, I was persistent. And it paid off.

This day was the first "cooler" day of the season! It was last Tuesday and it was only 75* outside! So, We put on some pants and some shoes and socks. This child is not used to closed toe shoes let alone socks on her feet! It took her a few to get used to them!

After a few minutes she wanted to sit down and play in the grass. We haven't had much rain lately, so the grass is hard and crunchy and well.. not very pleasant to sit on! And touching it... OUCH!

After she had enough of the sitting in the grass, she was up and she was GONE!!! I thought for sure that was the end of it. But, she found something! Something that sparked her interest! Something that she could use to yell at that silly tree that kept getting in her way!!!

Yep, she found a stick!!! That poor tree!!! Good thing the tree wasn't minding much! But sticks aren't good for JUST beating on tree's with!!!

Nope!!! They are also good for trying to dig up Cicada's!

Momma, I know it's in there!!!!

Momma, Where did it go?!?!

Well, now that this adventure is done... let's find something else to explore!!!

Nothing here....

Just this sweet little face  <3

But momma, this sweet little face isn't going to be content much longer... I am bored...

Oooohhhh!!! Momma!!!! What is this?!?!?!

Mommy needed to bring out something she hasn't played with before!!! And let me say that I am SO.GLAD.I.DID!!!! She had a blast and I just LOVE the expressions on her face that I was able to capture forever through my camera lens!

THIS right here folks... THIS is what I LOVE about being a photographer! I LOVE capturing all of these smiles!!! All of these little adventures of digging up cicada's and playing with bright yellow parasols! I LOVE freezing these moments in time and being able to hold on to them forever! This is why photography is my passion! 
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